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Service Advisor Overview

The how and the why Advisors do the things we do in the Service Department.

So Why Dealerteam?

Why on earth do you need a complete system to help you organize your Service Department? You know what is going on, You remember every customer interaction, know every part that you can need, You order every parts and have a perfect recall of when to expect it to arrive. You know what every Technician in your department does every day. Speaking of Technician, Your Technicians are awesome! They never take longer than they should and always recall exactly what they did on every vehicle. They even remember the parts they need and can tell you how many of them they go through in a month. Your team is so in sync that no one ever wonders what they should be working on next, and no one ever misses anything.

Wait a minute, is your team not exactly like that? You mean you live in reality?

Then Welcome! We are here to show you how to use the DealerTeam Program to help you organize your department. 

Do I have time to do all this?

Well honestly right now no you don't. However, if you start doing it you can remove a lot of the distraction and chaos that makes up your normal workday. Think about how much of your time you spend Scheduling Service Customers into the store, how long it takes you to create an estimate for a customer or a Second Party Payer? How long does it take you to convert that estimate to a Repair Order that you can hand your Techs to do. How many times a week to do you have to figure out if you can fit another job onto your schedule? How cool would it be if your Techs knew what they needed to do next, and had a good way to communicate their findings back to you. Not by standing there and telling you a story. Maybe you are starting to see the idea here. Your time is valuable. Your Tech's time is valuable. If you utilize the tools we are about to lay out for you, you won't be able to make your job any easier, but we can make you and your Team more efficient.


Where do we Start?

We will start with some of the simpler parts of this system. Specifically, we will start with Creating a Service Appointment. From there we can show you how to 

  1. Use the Schedule to see when you have availability.
  2. Assign specific Appointments to specific Techs at a specific time of day.
  3. How to convert that Appointment into a Repair Order and paperwork you can give your Tech's so they know what needs to be done.
  4. How to re-assign your appointment when you need to.
  5. How to export your Calendar of events to share with Management or your Receptionist so they know what to expect.

Once we finish that we will have a quick quiz for you to take before we move onto some of the more advanced features. As you go through this training you may see some links that look interesting. Go ahead! Check them out! There is some cool stuff in here that can help you if you are curious but it may or may not affect what you do on a daily basis. 

For some additional reading on Terms and Definitions feel free to visit the Service Department Feature Overview