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Service Repair Orders on the Schedule

In order to add a manually created repair order or a delivery repair order to the schedule you have to manually input the start and end date

How come I can't see all my repair orders on the Schedule?

One of the many ways you can choose to utilize the Dealerteam software is to use the scheduler to control the workflow for your service department. Any of the Repair Orders that you have created from scratch or that came from a Service Estimate will not show up on the Scheduler until you fill them in. Doing so Is pretty easy.

  1. First off find the Repair Order you would like to put on your Scheduler, Either use the RO number from the global access screen or you can access it from your recent lookup tab:serviceROonschedule1.png
  2. At the top of the Service Repair Order Screen is the Service repair Order Detail If you hover over the Expected Service Start or the Expected Service End field you will notice the small pencil that identifies this as a fillable field. Double Click to move in. serviceROonschedule2.png
  3. Once you click into the field a small Calendar will pop up, Select the date that the vehicle repairs are going to start or finish. One thing to note is that the time will always default to the current time when you select a day on the Calendar:
  4. serviceROonschedule3.png
  5. Once you set the in and out time you can hit Save to change your Repair Order. Remember you have to manually input the time of day for the Expected Start and Expected end. It will auto populate the time of day it is currently.serviceROonschedule5.png Now that you have assigned a Date and a Service Technician to complete the work it will show up on the scheduler for the given day. In order to change the date or time you can repeat steps 1-5 and update the correct time.serviceROonschedule6.png