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Standard Operation Codes Explained

This article is to explain how the Standard Operation codes are used and should be used in the DealterTeam Service Module


So what is a Standard Operation Code? To put it simply, it is the way that we can designate what type of Service needs to be done, and who is paying for it. In the DealerTeam product We also use the Standard Operation to quickly relay information to our technicians, Lets take a look at how they are created and how they can be used.SOC 2.png

Your Service Manager has the Ability to create new Standard Operation Codes, but for now let's explain how they work. When you are on a Service Appointment, A Service Estimate or a Service Repair order we use the SOC to load selected info and guidelines to the selected line. In the case of the Multi Point Inspection line it will designate the service Type as Mechanical, The Labor rate on any labor charged on the related job line to be at  $125.00 per hour and will make those lines all customer pay. Additionally the Concern box will be pre populated with the information outlined. When your Service Technician looks at the job they will see the concern notes, and know exactly what is expected to be done. On a Customer invoice the concern notes will be there as well so It is a way to keep consistency in your department on what a specific job entails.

If you have a need for an SOC at a specific location, you can create Standard Operation Codes that only apply to a specific store by assigning them the same location number found on your location record.

Please note that by design the default check box can only be assigned to one SOC, we recommend that you use the default of  Get Ready SOC.  When you create a Delivery Repair Order from a Deal the default op code will be assigned to all lines that are created by the Deal to Delivery Repair Order process.


Remember that in order to be used in your location the active check box needs to be checked and the Location must either match your location or be listed to ALL. 

If you would like to have changes made to the SOC's please talk to your Service Manager, or if you are the Service Manager reach out to your DealerTeam Success manager for help.

Remember that the SOC simply assigns the values initially, they can be changed by users once they are on a job or estimate line. This goes for the labor rate,  Pay Type, Or the Concern Fields.

If you have a use case where you think an additional SOC should be created, again talk to your Service Manager.