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Vehicle Inventory Outputs on Repair Orders

Learn how to output information on the vehicle inventory record using field sets to share on a repair order.

Defining Inventory Vehicle Outputs

In order to make the inventory vehicle output the information that you would like to have shared between the repair order and the vehicle inventory record you can add or remove categories from the Custom object “Vehicle Inventory”

Navigate to the Vehicle Inventory Object

From Setup, click the Object Manager tab then search for the Vehicle Inventory by entering Vehicle Inventory the Quick Find box. Next, click the Field Sets tab then click the Field Set - Field Label name called Repair Order Editable Fields.


  • Under Field Sets update the Field set for Repair Order Editable Fields.

Inventory Vehicle 3.png


Simply move the Fields from the Available for the Field Set list into the Grey In the Field Set box to have them display. Remember that some of these fields will be multiple types of fields added (IE: pick list, check box, memo) so make sure you are not allowing your end user to add information to the Vehicle inventory field that is relative.

Click Save once you have made your desired changes and the output will update.

Remember if you will only see this box if the vehicle on the repair order is an Inventory Vehicle.