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Print Technician Copy

In this how-to you will learn how to prepare and print a technician copy of the repair order.  This document is commonly used by the technicians on a service event to denote time, comments as well as the cause and corrections associated with each job line.

Printing a Technician Copy of the Repair Order

One of the easiest ways to make sure Technicians are the most efficient is to make sure they know what work needs to be performed to each customer's vehicle. The Tech Card function was created to make sure your technician has all of the relevant information for the job that you are assigning them. Including the vehicle and customer information, any parts that were ordered for this repair and what jobs need to be completed. Note that you can assign multiple technicians to the same Repair Order or to individual job lines and they will all print out on the Tech Card.

View the Repair Order

To access the printable copy start by locating your Repair Order.  This can be done by searching for the Repair Order number in the global search or accessing the Repair Order from a list view.

Click the Tech Card Button

By clicking the Tech Card Print Button button a new window will open with the Technicians Copy in PDF format.   

If the Tech Card button is not available, please contact you administrator and ask them to add this to the Service Repair Order Page Layout.

Preview the Tech Card and Print

A PDF will open that contains the Repair Order information. It will also leave blank the Actual or Punch time but give the technician the book time that the job should take or that has been authorized. The repair type can be filled out by the technician as well as the Cause and the Correction fields if your technicians do not have access to the repair order. 

Printed Tech Time Card

Your Service Advisors can and should be collecting these back from the Technician and updating the repair order for Actual time and what the Cause and Correction is on the completed Repair Orders. In the Case of a Diagnostic Repair Order, the Technician can note his findings and what parts are needed prior to turning it back into the Service Advisor. The Service Advisor can review and add notes in order to make sure the correct parts are ordered to resolve the customer concern.