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Setup Technician Time Entry

Learn how to enable and setup technician time entry for your dealerships.


This reference will detail the specifics around the technician time entry screen.  The technician time entry screen offers users the ability to log both *Actual* and *Book* time on a service job line.  

Two Modes - Actual Time v. Non-Actual Time Entry

The Technician Time Entry screen has two modes.  The first mode is Actual Time Entry.  This mode facilitates a technician to clock his/her actual time on a specific job line.  More details on this mode are discussed below.  The second mode is Non-Actual Time Entry.  This mode allows technicians or other users to manually entry the time a job had taken arbitrarily.  

These modes are set on the Organization Wide Custom Setting, FixedOperationSettings.  This setting can be accessed by your Systems Administrator. 


Actual Time

When using the actual time mode of the Technician Time Entry Screen, the end user is presented with a view of each job line on a repair order. To the right of the Cause input buttons to "Start Diag" or "Start Repair".  Depending on the button chosen the clock is started and a flag denoting if the work is diagnostic or repair related is set.

Tech Time Entry - Actual Time

Non-Actual Time

In some cases you may prefer to use time tracking that allows free form input.  To accomplish this set the Fixed Operation Settings: Enable Actual Times to false by un-checking the box.  Once this setting is in place your Organization and associated locations will be using the non-actual time entry method.

Time Entry -Non-Actual


Updating the Cause or Correction

In addition to providing technicians and other service users the ability to add actual time to a job line you can update the cause or correction from this interface as well.  The benefits of this screen is that the technician has one screen to manage all lines on a service repair order without having to drill down. 

To update either the Cause or Correction, enter text and tab out of the input.  The record will update and mark the text-area you entered text green to acknowledge the data was saved.

Updating the Cause or Correction Text