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Using the Tech Time Entry Function


This article shows floor technicians how to find a Service Repair order and locate the Tech Time button. Using the Technician View screen, techs can update the Cause and Correction, log real-time  entries as Diagnostic or Repair Time, review parts on job lines, and view valuable service history.


Open Repair Order

Locate and open the Repair Order that has been assigned to you. 

When available, double click a converted service appointment on the Service Scheduler to quickly open the RO.  Otherwise, use the Global Search. 

For best results, search by Customer Last Name or the Last 8 of the VIN.  Find Service Vehicles in the returned search results and click the desired service vehicle. On the Service Vehicle record the RO# will be available to open in the related list Service Repair Order. For more help using Global Search chick here.




Tech Time Button

Once you open the Repair Order, locate and click Tech Time. This will open the Technician View screen. If you prefer to print a paper copy for your technicians, click Tech Card and generate a PDF. 

For this article, we will click Tech Time and explore the Technician View.  

Image of the Tech Time button


Technician View

The Technician View provides details from the RO, customer complaints, time-entry function, along with several other features. For the first step, let's update the Actual Time worked on the job and record any details in the Cause and Correction fields.   

  1.  Details -The upper section contains basic information from the RO, including Status, Tag#, Date, and Mileage In. There are also fields for Promise Date, Promise Time and a Waiting? check box to indicate when the customer is on-site waiting. This section also contains hyperlinks back to the Repair Order, Service Advisor and the Service Vehicle.         Remember to use the link highlighted below to return back to the Repair Order. 
  2.  Job Lines - The lower section has details from each Job Line, including Op Code, Pay Type, Status and Labor Estimates when available. The Complaint, Cause and Correction fields also display from the Service Repair Order.  Cause and Concern are editable fields where the Technician has the ability to enter their findings.
  3.  Time Entry - The Job Clock section includes a Start Diag and a Start Repair button to capture actual time spent on the job. Both Start Diag and Start Repair create real-time entries when you start the clock. 

Technician view time-entry screen when Tech Time button is clicked


  1. (continued)  When a technician starts a diagnosis or a repair, the Job Clock portion of the screen will change to the example provided below. Once you have diagnosed the issue or completed the repair, return to the Job Clock screen and punch the End Job Button. Start Diag and Start Repair buttons reappear to make additional time entries.

The End Job button indicates the Clock is running.


After each time entry the Job Clock will record the repair Type, Start and Stop, Actual time in tenths of an hour, and the Tech who made the entry. 


Note: Time recorded will be entered as Actual time to the Repair Order. Time is measured in tenths of an hour. The Job Clock needs to run for 6 minutes before Actual time will display a value of 0.1  


Parts Added on the RO

Parts that have been added to Job Lines will display below the time entry section on the Technician View. Part #, Description, Service Job Line #, Quantity Ordered and Sold, and Pay Type will display for each added part. 

image displaying Parts added to an RO.png


Service History 

Service History will display any past work that has been done to the Vehicle. Locate the small black arrow to expand/collapse service history lines to see which technician completed work and what notes they entered in the Cause and Correction fields.  Remember this tracks the Service Vehicle so it does not respect any current owner.  The system will generate the entire service history for the vehicle.

service history section of the tech view screen.png


Notes & Attachments

In the last section you can add Docs, Notes & Attachments. Here you can add pictures of your findings and related Docs to the record. The most common use will be to add pictures of the diagnosis or repair. These photos will be visible to anyone within the org and can also be shared with customers, so choose your attachments wisely.

Click the Attach file button and choose the file you would like to add from your computer or mobile device. Click Open and the click Attach to load the file. If you would like to add multiple pictures repeat this function. Click Done when finished.

The Pictures will be attached to the Technician View and to the Service Repair Order.





Once you finish the job you do not need to complete any paperwork. All of the information you've added is available to the customer through the Service and Sales Departments. You can refer back to the Service Scheduler for your assignment on the next Job.