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Technician Time Card Entry

Entering the Information from the Tech Card back into the Service Repair Order.


How efficient are your technicians? How can you tell?

The simplest way is to utilize a Tech Card (or Hard Card) to distribute work and have your technicians update the card and return them to the service counter for entry. The technicians can see what the book time is listed for each job and they can record the actual time it takes to complete the job. Secondary to that, you can also input the Tech Notes on Cause and Correction and place any parts orders needed.

First Step

  1. Make sure all work is assigned to a Technician as outlined in the Add Job Lines to a Repair Order.timecardentry5.png
  2. Once the technician has completed the work or diagnosed the problem they can return their Tech Card to the service desk
  3. Now comes the real fun, Data Entry!! We know that is not really fun but it is the most efficient way to make sure that the information that the technician has gathered makes its way back to the repair order.


Second Step

  1. Pull up the repair order from the Tech Card.
  2. Hit the Edit Button for the Repair Line in Question.
  3. Click on the tech time line to update the actual time your technician took to complete the repair. If you do not see the technician you are looking for you may need to Designate a User as a Techniciantech time cardentry1.png


  1. Once you have added the time you can transfer the notes from your technician to the Repair Order. tech timecard entry2.png
  2. You can add any parts identified as needed to complete the repair by following the Add Job Lines to a Repair Order.



What's Next

So it looks like we have you becoming a glorified data entry clerk! Don't despair it gets pretty easy with time. The other benefit is if you take the time to enter this data you can track how effective your techs really are. You also get to have access to this Repair Order with the click of a button, No more asking the tech if he remembers what he did last time, No more looking for a paper file! You have access to the history of what was done based on the service vehicle. So if it sells to another customer or the work done was as a recondition of a stock unit, You still have access to all this data.