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How to Create a Dashboard

Learn how to build a Dashboard in Salesforce Classic.


After this lesson, you will be able to create a Dashboard so the important information for you is in one place. 

First Step

1. On your tab bar click on Dash boards.2017-10-12_15-01-31.png

2. In the uppermost left-hand corner click on Go to Dashboard List. 2017-10-12_15-01-56.png

3. Click on New Dashboard.2017-10-12_15-02-16.png


Click on the Components tab to choose the type of view you would like to see the information on.  Drag and Drop it in the desired column. 

choosing component for a dashboard


Click on the Data Sources tab. In the quick find lookup, start typing the report to be added to your component. Find the report and Drag and Drop it into the component on the dashboard.  NOTE: (you can not use a tabular report on a dashboard) see How to Summarize a Report.

Choosing report for a component


Now you can edit the chart by clicking on the wrench icon at the top. Click on the Edit Title section to name the component. You can also click in the Edit Header section if you would like to. 

Edit Charts


Click on Formatting here you can edit the chart that will be viewed on the dashboard.

Sort Rows By: will give you option on how you would like to sort the label information, Label Ascending, Label Descending, Value Ascending, Value Descending. 

Legend Position : you can choose where you would like the legend in the component, Right, Bottom, or On Chart. 

Data Labels: will give you options of how you would like the data to display on your dashboard

Formatting Charts


This is the information shown on the dashboard after completing these steps. 

 information shown on the dashboard after completing


By repeating these steps and choosing other components and reports you can create your own dashboard with the information you would like to see often. 

information you would like to see often.