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Activities Completed

Summary Report: Activities Completed 

Activities Completed is located in the DealerTeam Performance Reports folder and provides a summary of assigned activities completed by each User. 

Shortcut filters for Report Options are located at the top of the report. They can be used to quickly summarize information by other available fields and pick lists Show a combination of activities displayed. The Time Frame can be changed by selecting a different Date Field and Range from the drop-down pick lists.

Report Options:

  1. Summarize information by: Allow the viewer to quickly select any available field to summarize information in the report.  
  2. Show: All Activities, My Activities, My Team's Activities, My Delegated Activities
  3. Show: Open Activities, Completed Activities, Open & Completed Activities
  4. Show: Tasks, Events, Tasks & Events

Time Frame:

  1. Date Field: Choose a different date field from the pick list for activity information 
  2. Range: Choose the desired date range or enter a custom date range 


Click Run Report to update the report once the desired filters are set.  


optional filter shortcuts explained on activities completed reports.png



The report is grouped by Assigned activities completed by user, as shown in darker blue. 

Completed task and events typically correspond with Salespersons and Service Advisors. Summarize information by Assigned Roles to quickly separate Sales from Service activities.   

The columns, Subject, Related To, and Comments are included in the report to offer additional insight to the activities completed.

  • The Subject column shows the subject of the Activity, typically referring to the type of communication, however it can also be filled in with a custom word.
  • The Related To column shows what record the Activity is attached to. This can be anything from a Sales Up, to a Deal, to a Service Appointment. 
  • The Comments column shows any notes that were recorded on the closed activity.

Check the box next to Assigned and click Drill Down to narrow the results of completed activities. More than one box can be checked to include multiple Assigned employees before you drill down. The report will filter down to only show the checked names.  

Drill down check box is explained to narrow the results to a single assigned users


Customize the Report


Permission Needed Administrative - Create and Customize Reports 

When Report Options, Time Frame, and Drill Down shortcuts still don't provide the right information a report can be customized. Only users with the required permissions can customize reports. Inquire with your system administrator to be granted permission.  

Click Customize to open the Report Builder and get started. After you customize and run the report, you can Save or Save As to keep the modified report for future use.   

Customize report button.png

Features Explained: 

  1. It's good practice to Save As when done and rename the report.  Enter the Report Name and hit Tab to create the Report Unique Name.  Enter a Report Description when necessary and select the appropriate Report Folder. Click Save and Run Report to put the data change into effect without loosing the original report by accident.
  2. Report Options with drop-down list set what values show in the report. These are the same Report Options provided as shortcuts in the header of a report.  
  3. Filters applied to the report will display here. Hover to see options to edit or delete filters. Click Add next to Filters in the Report Options to add more filters.
  4. Click the drop-down arrow to select a different report format.  
  5. From the Fields list, drag and drop a field in the light-blue row labeled Drop a field here to create a grouping to create a summarized grouping.  
  6. Double-click a field or drag and drop to add another column to the report. 

You can click Run Report when done instead of Save As. Changes will be applied but the modified report will be lost if you choose not to Save or Save As after you run the report.  


Report Builder features explored with numbered callouts and descriptions