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Sold Sales Manager by Month


As a General Manager I want to see how many deals were sold by my mangers so far this month. Date ranges can be easily changes once we have created a standard report. Continue reading for more details. 

Create New Report

To create a new report first click the Reports Tab, followed by the New Report button.

click path for creating a new report


Select report type. Search for deals in the search bar. Click on DEALS. Then Click on Create.
Selecting a record type to create a report in deals for Salesforce.

Set Report Filters

Select from the Show field drop down All deals 

Selection of all deals from dropdown in Salesforce reports.


To select deal date range. Click on Range and select This Month. (from and to auto populate).

Selecting date fields into salesforce reports


At this point your report has the deals for that time range. We can now create the report the way you would like to see it. 

How to add columns into salesforce reports


Add Fields as Columns

To select the columns you would like to see in your report. Search in the fields lookup for deal date.

Drag and Drop the Deal date into the column field.

how to drag and drop from search field into reports.


Same with all selections from the fields lookup field Drag and Drop. I added Desk Manager for this report to show Desk Manger name.

selecting desk manager form the search field in reports.



Drag and drop Salesperson 1 to show name of the salesperson on the deal.

Selection of salesperson 1 into a report


Also Drag and Drop any way you would like to see it. 

Drag and drop from field search into reports


Save and Name the Report


How to save a report in Salesforce.



How to Save report with a name in a Salesforce reports.


What's Next

After the report is showing the desired data, learn how-to add a chart or graph.