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Access Records and Change List Views


Access record lists and view them through specified list views with applied filters.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Access records
  • Change list views


Step One: Access a Record List

Global Search

The quickest way to access a specific record is with the Global search function. Use key words to select records related to the content typed in the global search input. The Global Search Bar is located in the center of the header at the top of the page on all apps. Read Global Search for a more in depth tutorial.

  1. Enter <field value of the desired record> in the global search.
  2. Click the desired record from the dropdown.

1 Access Records- gloabl search .png



Use tabs to access records, lists and recent records of desired objects.

  1. Click the desired tab to bring up the object list view.

3 Access Records and Change List Views- tab.png


Quick Access Through a Tab

  1. Click the dropdown icon on the desired tab. 

4 Access Records and Change List Views- tab quick access.png

(a) Create a new record, (b) Select a recent record, (c) select a recent list view , or (d) Open "<most recently viewed list view>" in new tab.

5 Access Records and Change List Views- tab quick access.png


App Launcher

Use the app launcher to access objects that  do not have tabs.

  1. Click the App Launcher button.
  2. Enter the <desired object> in the quick find area.
  3. Click the object.

2 Access Records- app launcher.png


Step Two: Change List Views

To filter what records appear change the list view.

  1. Click the list view dropdown.
  2. Select desired list view.

6 Access Records and Change List Views- list view.png


List View Filter

Enter specific field value to narrow your search of records.

  1. Enter <field value> in the list view filter and hit Enter/Return.

4 list view filter.png