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How Internet Leads are Processed


Learn how the ADF / XML process of internet lead management gets parsed into DealerTeam.

After reading this article you will know:

  • How to enable Settings for your Internet Lead Management System
  • How Internet Leads automatically enter DealerTeam as Sales Ups
  • What criteria are used to search for existing Accounts and to avoid creating duplicates.


Step One: Enable Settings

Follow the Click Path to navigate to Internet Lead Management System settings in Lightning:

  1. Lightning: App Launcher --> CRM Settings --> Internet Lead Management System.

Settings Fields Defined:

ILM No Duplicates - Enabled this setting to ensure the system is searching for existing accounts before creating a new Sales Up.
ILM Duplicate Time Period - Determined by the Created Date, this set value is the duration in days a parsed Sales Up will remain Open.

Enable ILM settings, and set a time for when you would like to have a new SalesUp created.


Step Two: Inbound Internet Leads

Inbound internet leads enter your system through emails, website submissions, and third party lead providers. All lead types must follow the Auto-Lead Dealer Format or they will be discarded. The system will read the XML and collect the information provided (Customer, Vehicle of Interest, Trade, Source, Finance Information) to search for existing Accounts in DealerTeam.  

New email coming from your website, is it in ADF format


Step Three: Account Matching Criteria

The system will search for existing Accounts in DealerTeam to avoid creating duplicates based on a set criteria.

  1. Search by Last Name and try to match one of the following; Email, Cell Phone, Day Phone, or First Name.
  2. If the system cannot find a match, it will create a New Account and Untouched Sales Up to capture the provided data.  
  3. If a match is found, it will update the existing Account based on Settings.


DealerTeam will check for duplicate accounts before creating SalesUp


Step Four: Sales Up Record

  1. If the Email or Buyer Contact exist in a Sales Up with status Open, the system will find a match. In this scenario, the system will create a new Desk Log entry and create a Closed Task for the current Record Owner.
  2. Salesperson 1 listed on the Sales Up will receive a notification by way of email and chatter post. 
  3. If no matching Sales Up is found, a Sales Up and a Desk Log / Traffic log entry is created.   


Screenshot 2018-08-23 16.07.47.png


Step Five: Does Queue Exist?

A queue can be set up to add/remove a number of active salespeople who can grab new leads. The process of assigning a Salesperson 1 will also default as the Account owner. 

A queue can also round-robin a number of salespeople and automatically rotate who will get the next Sales Up.


Is Queue set up? or you can set a round robin for a chosen number of salespeople.


The Full Flow Chart

Internet Leads Flow Chart