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How to Create Custom List Views


Learn how-to create and manage list views. Administrators and Users with the "Manage Public List Views" permission can create, edit, or delete public views.  

Users without the "Manage Public List Views" permission will see Clone instead of Edit.  Clone a public or standard list view to make modifications for enhanced purpose. For future use, choose Save As and re-name the list view.  

A user can typically Edit or Delete a view they've created. Click Edit or Delete next to the list view drop-down menu.


User Permissions Needed
To create custom list views: “Read” on the type of record included in the list AND “Create and Customize List Views”
To create, edit, or delete public list views: “Manage Public List Views”

Creating Custom List Views

To create a new view, click Create New View at the top of any list page or in the Views section of any Tab.

  create new view

If you don’t see Create New View, you don’t have the “Create and Customize List Views” permission. Contact your administrator to request it.

1. Enter View Name 

This name will appear in the view drop-down list when saved. 

To auto-generate the View Unique Name, tab-out after typing the View Name. This is always best practise. It can be manually created by adding underscores to replace blank values. For example: 

enter view name

2. Specify Filter Criteria 

Filter by Owner: Select All Sales Ups or My Sales Ups to specify the set of records to search.

Filter by Additional Fields: Optionally, enter filter criteria to specify conditions that the selected items must match, for example, Lead Date equals Today. You can also use special date values in your filter criteria. 

When you select the Created Date field in a list view filter, the value you specify can only be a date and not a time. This restriction does not apply to other filters.

Add Filter Logic: It may be helpful to include filter logic. Click "add filter logic."
In this example leads that were created today OR yesterday will display by internet customer in the list view. A common use-case scenario for filter logic is to create a view of My Car Deals when a sales consultant 

specify filters

3. Select Fields to Display

The default fields are automatically selected. Choose up to 15 different fields to display in the view. Only the fields available in the page layout will display. 

          - To add or remove fields, select a field name, and click the Add or Remove arrow.
          - Use the Up, Down arrows to arrange the fields in the proper sequence.

select fields to display

4. Restrict Visibility

An administrator or a User with the "Manage Public List Views" permission, can specify whether everyone or just the creator can see the custom view. Visibility can be restricted to a public group or role. Select "Visible to certain groups of users" select the group or role from the list below it, and click add.

restrict visibility

Click Save. The view appears in the View drop-down list so you can access it later.

Rename an existing list view by clicking Save As and save the additional criteria without altering the original view.