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How to Create a List View



At the end of this lesson, you will be able to create a list view.


From the toolbar, click any of the tabs, when you open them, you can see the View--and the go button you can create a list view for that tab. In this case, we will create a list view for the user of his or hers open Service Repair Orders. 


Select what tab you would like to create the list view for. Here we started by selecting the Service Repair Order tab. To create a new view start by clicking on the Create New View button.

First step to create a new list view is click create new view.


First, you have to name your new view. When you add the name of your new view in the View Name field tab out and it will automatically create a  Unique name for you. 

Create a name for you list view.


Next, you can Specify the Filter Criteria, you can select all service repair orders to create a view for the whole company. In this case, we are going to select  My Service Repair Orders, this will show only the user that creates the list view Repair Order information.

Specify filter criteria.


You can create this view by any field that is related to the Repair Order. Also, you have five filter fields to be able to get as granular as you need in your view. Here we are adding the Status of the Repair Order to equal OPEN so when we run the view it will only view open Repair Orders. 

Status of the repair order equal to open.



In this step, we need to add the fields to be displayed in the list view. By highlighting the fields in the available fields column and clicking the add button it will place that field in the selected field column. When it is in the Selected Field column with the toggle buttons on the right side you can highlight the field and use the up, down or if you select Top / Bottom it will take that field directly to that position of the Selected Field Column. The fields will be displayed in the view in this order from left to right.

Choose fields to be displayed on you list view.



In Step 4 we need to select who can be visible to this list view. Visible to me will be only visible to the creator of the list view. Visible to all would be visible to all that have access to the Repair Order object. Visible to groups of users you can create a custom group or select a role in the company or a Role in the company and that roles subordinates. 

Select the visibility of the list view.


Click save. to save the view to the list of views in the drop-down menu of views.

Click save. to save the view to the list of views in the drop-down menu of views.


You have just created a list view. In the list view, you can drill down into any of the results that are underlined. If you would like to go directly to the Repair Order or the customer account just click on it and it will open that item. 

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