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How to Create an Email Template


How to create an email template


User Permissions Needed
To create or change HTML email templates: “Edit HTML Templates”
To create or change public email template folders: “Manage Public Templates”


1. Navigate to setup.  

navigate to setup

Depending on your level of permissions you will see the email template edit link differently.

  • Standard User

my templates

  • Administrator

email templates

3. Select the Folder  

Folders are used to organize templates between departments, users, etc. Create a new folder when needed. 

select folder

4. Choose the Type of Template  

There are a few options in this next step.  Most email templates should be created with HTML so they can be tracked. If you do not use a letterhead choose Custom. However, using Text is a basic option if the template is to be used internally as a message, workflow, or reminder & alert. 

New Template

5.  Define and Name the Template.

Name the Email Template and "tab out" to set the unique name. A Letterhead will already need to exist to be selected for use. Use the Previous button to go back one step and select Custom (without using letterhead) if there is no available letterhead. 

Free Form Letter is a general layout. Double check to assure the Encoding is accurate. 

Click Next when done.

name the template

helpNote_icon.gif Be sure to mark the check box "Available For Use" or the template will not display in the saved   folder.

6.  Create the Content and Style 


Merge Fields are how the system is able to populate the "case contact" and the "case number" into the subject line of the email.  

Every time this email template is used, the correct case number and contact info will be displayed. It is important to test all merge fields before using a template. Blank fields within the system will not be displayed as merge fields in a template.  

When finished with the desired content and layout of the email template, click Next.

build out a template

 helpNote_icon.gifThe blue arrows highlight the specific merge field that will show in the template. The drop down arrows can be used to navigate through different Field Types and then the available fields. The third box is to be copied and pasted into the template as the actual merge field. 


7.  Copy text from HTML version.  

The HTML template will copy over as text to allow your email to be delivered as text-only content.  

Click Save and you are done.

copy template as text