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How to Grant Login Access to your Systems Admin


First Step

Locate your username in the top right, click the drop down arrow, and select My Settings.  

my settings

Click Personal to expand the menu and click Grant Account Login Access.                                                    

      Grant account login access

Second Step

Grant Access to Your Company's Administrator or DealerTeam Support depending on who is attempting to gain access and for what purpose. 

Select the drop down arrow next to No Access to specify how long will have access.

            Select the Access Duration. 
                                                                   set duration    

The maximum is 1 Year for Your Company's Administrator and 1 Month for DealerTeam Support    

Your company's admin or DealerTeam suport

After setting the access duration click Save.


Third Step

After the user has granted access, the Systems Administrator can follow the click path Setup--->Manage Users--->Users. 

The Admin can now login under the user account by clicking Login next to username.    

manage users to gain login access