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How to Login

Learn how to login to salesforce for the first time.


After your Systems Administrator has notified you by email, created your password and a security question and login for the first time 

First Step

Begin by opening the email from and click the Verify Account button.  

welcome email

Second Step

Create a new password using at least 8 characters and include a combination of letters and numbers. Verify the password. It's not a bad idea to write it down for future reference.

Choose a security question from the pick list and enter your answer. 

Click the Save button. 

create password


Third Step

When you login for the first time, Salesforce will display the new lightening experience. Locate and click the profile icon, the blue face in the upper right corner.

Click on Switch to Salesforce Classic to change the user interface if you prefer the classic layout. 

switch from lightning to classic layout


What's Next

Now that you have the worlds most powerful CRM at your finger tips, let's learn how to navigate the home page.