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How to Merge Duplicate Accounts

Misspellings, nick names, abbreviations, there are many reasons duplicate accounts get created.  Learn how to quickly merge duplicate accounts and protect the integrity of your customers data.


After completing this how-to you will have the infinite powers of the universe. Not really, but you will be able to merge duplicate accounts.  

First Step - Tools

Begin by clicking on the Account Tab. Do not open a list view or account record. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Tools section. 

Click on Merge Accounts.  

Accounts Tab - Tools

Second Step - Find Accounts

        Step 1.1- Enter the account name and click Find Accounts.

merge my accounts

        Step 1.2-  Select the check box next to each account and click next. Three duplicate accounts can be merge at one time.  

select records to merge 

Third Step- Choose the Master Record

The Master Record will become the account record that is saved. Select the radio button for the master record that has the most accurate customer data. 

Customer data from the other records can be merged to the master record by selecting the radio button next to the fields you wish to include.

Click Merge to complete the process. Repeated the process to merge accounts with more than three duplicates.    


select master record

                                                                                                            Clicking Merge will prompt a pop-up warning that merging cannot be undone. Click Ok to proceed.

                                                                                                                                                                             click ok to proceed

Special Scenario

Sometimes a customer will have a common name with multiple spellings. For this example Marc Slayton is the same account as Mark Slayton. The system will not catch these two accounts as duplicates. To improve search results, use only the customer's Last Name to find possible duplicate accounts where first names are not a match.