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How to use merge fields in email templates

Use merge fields to personalize the content of your email

When you create a template it should apply to multiple customers without having to constantly edit things like name, contact information, and desired vehicle. This is where merge fields are used to populate data within the template from a related Field Type. The system provide an easy way to look up the field type, select the correct field, and copy and paste the merge field into your template. Before sending your template, it is always recommended you test the merge fields. Try sending it to yourself first.  

A customer is referred to as a contact under the field type. A basic merge field is {!Contact.Name}. The example below uses the "Contact Field" to look up the select field "Name" and writes the "Merge Field Value" for you. Copy and paste the merge field into the template and your done.  

merge field type
Lets look at an example for creating a merge filed value that will include the user's information and not the contact's. When a template is available for public use {!User.Name} can be inserted to populate the correct user's name. Because every user has a separate login, the system knows to put the correct name in the template. 

user fields

How about an example where more than one merge field is needed. Let's include a desired vehicle in the template. When working an open lead we will need to reference the sales up and make sure the desired vehicle has been entered by Year, Make, Model. If there is no data in the appropriate fields then the merge field will remain blank and not be populated in the template. Your choice is to update the sales up or remove the merge field. 

merge fields

Template with Merge Fields

email template with merge fields
Here is how it looks when the customer opens the email.

 email to customer with merge fields

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