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Mass Reassign Sales Ups


Reassign multiple Sales Ups to one or more users simultaneously. Whether re-balancing account portfolios or dealing with attrition you can reassign Sales Ups from one user to another in bulk.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to sales ups
  • Reassign multiple sales ups


Prerequisite: To select the desired Sales Ups to reassign Create a Custom List View.


Step One: Navigate to Sales Ups

  1. Click the App Launcher.

1 Mass Reassign Sales Up-app launcher.png


  1. Enter Sales Up in the quick search area.
  2. Click Sales Up.

2 Mass Reassign Sales Up-sup navi.png


Step Two: Reassign Multiple Sales Ups

  1. Once the custom list view is created click the dropdown button.
  2. Click Re-Assign Sales Ups.

3 Mass Reassign Sales Up-reassign btn.png


  1. Select desired user.
  2. Click Add.

4 Mass Reassign Sales Up-selected users.png


  1. Once all desired users are added to the Selected Users Area click Re-Assign to Selected button 

5 Mass Reassign Sales Up-reassign selected btn.png


Note: You can choose any user or group of users in the org to reassign the Sales Up to. They will get assigned in a round robin to the chosen group.


Reassigned Sales Ups

The reassigned Sales ups will be shown as a list.

6 Mass Reassign Sales Up-reassigned.png