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The Home Tab, also known as the DealerTeam Home Page is displayed by default. Every home page will have a similar layout but the content displayed will be specific to each User.


Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Lightning Experience.


Home Page

The standard Home Page layout contains the (a) Header, (b) Lightning Components, and (c) Utility bar.

Navigate the Home Page- Full page.png



The Header contains (a) Tabs, (b) App Launcher, (c) Global Search, (d) Global Actions, (e) Setup, (f) Notifications, and (g) User.

Navigate the Home Page- Header.png



Navigate DealerTeam with tabs across the top of the page. The active tab is highlighted. Learn more by reading Customize the Tab Bar

Navigate the Home Page- Tabs.png


App Launcher

Select any Application or Object by clicking the App Launcher icon.

 Navigate the Home Page- App Launcher.png


Global Search

Select records related to the content typed in the global search input. Read Global Search to learn more.

Navigate the Home Page- Global search.png


Global Action

Log a Call, create a Task, send an Email, create a new Event and add a New Lead with the Global Action button.

Navigate the Home Page- Global Action.png



Setup will be different by an organization and may be restricted for some users. Edit settings by clicking the Setup icon.

Navigate the Home Page- Set Up.png




The Notifier sends alerts when being mentioned in chatter posts, events and tasks are upcoming. 

Navigate the Home Page- Notifications.png



Click the Avatar to Log Out, change user settings, display, and other options.

Navigate the Home Page- User.png


Lightning Components

The main portion of the home page contains different and customize-able lightning components. To learn how to customize your home page read Add Component to Custom Lightning Page.

Some of the default home Lightning Components include (a) Tasks, (b) Events, (c)Dashboard Analytics, (d) Recent records, and (e) Chatter.

Navigate the Home Page- Lightning components.png


Tasks and Events

These components show the most recent tasks and events. To learn more read Tasks vs Events.

Navigate the Home Page- Tasks events.png


Dashboard Analytics

Analytics will sort records into groups by certain criteria to show trends of data sets. Keep charts up to date by clicking the Refresh button. To learn more read How to Create a Dashboard.

Navigate the Home Page- Analytics.png


Recent Records

Newly created records appear in this component.

Navigate the Home Page- recent records.png



To see general organization chatter refer to the Chatter feed component. Chatter feeds are located on records for more specific chatter topics.

Navigate the Home Page- Chatter.png


Utility Bar

The Utility Bar is comprised of (a) Location, (b)  Recent Items, and (c) Notes.

Navigate the Home Page- Utility Bar.png



To learn more read Change Location from the Utility Bar.

Navigate the Home Page- Location.png


Recent Items

View recently created items.

Navigate the Home Page- Recent items.png



Add quick notes for reference. To learn more read Notes on the Utility Bar.

Navigate the Home Page- Notes.png