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Navigate the Home Page

You have successfully logged in, now what? Take a spin around DealerTeam and learn how to navigate the home page.

Exploring the Home Tab

This feature is an introduction to the Home Tab, also known as the DealerTeam Home Page. When users login the Home Tab is displayed by default. Every home page will have a similar layout but the content displayed will be specific to each User.  

The standard Home Page layout contains three sections: 

  1. Header
  2. Side Bar  
  3. Main Pane    

Image explaining the three sections of the Home Page.png

The Header 

The Header contains Tabs that display in the Tab Bar in relationship to the selected Application.  While working throughout the system, the header remains visible at all times. The Global Search is included in the header and can be used to find any type of record. Access My Profile, My Settings and to Logout from the drop-down menu next to your name.

Image of DealerTeam header explained

  1. Global Search: Find information fast by entering keywords and numbers to search the entire system. Search results will provide a lists of records that match keywords.   
  2. Tab Bar: The tabs across the top of the page are how you will navigate DealerTeam. When you click a tab, the tab’s home page appears with sections for views, tools, and reports to help you manage your work.
  3. All Tabs: Use the (+) to access All Tabs to browse available Tabs. Here you can customize what Tabs will display in the Tab Bar.
  4. My Settings: Click your name in the top-right corner and in the drop down menu choose between My Profile, My Settings, and Log Out.  
    • ​​​To modify your Personal Setup click on My Settings and navigate the different tabs in the side bar.
    • To include a profile picture and add contact information go to My Profile. You can also view your chatter feed and make posts here
  5. Setup - The Setup menu is only available to Administrators and is used to customize your whole org. Best to leave setup for experienced users. 


​​​​​NOTE: The Help & Training link supports standard Salesforce and is not specific to the DealerTeam application. 


  1.  Help and Training: Dive into the knowledge base and go cross-eyed reading a ton of technical support articles and self-help tutorials. 
  2. Applications Menu:  Apps are a collection of tabs predefined by roles within the dealership. Custom DealerTeam Apps with the associated Tabs are listed below. 
    • DealerTeam Business Office - Home, Chatter, Accounts, GL, GL Accounts, Finance Companies, Tax Zones, Time Clock Manager, Reports, Dashboards

    • DealerTeam Sales - Home, Chatter, Accounts, Sales Up, Deals, Vehicle Inventory, Appraisals, Rental Agreement, Reports, Dashboards​

    • DealerTeam Service - Home, Chatter, Accounts, Scheduler, Service Repair Orders, Service Vehicles, Service Estimates, Service Appointments 

    • DealerTeam Parts - Home, Chatter, Accounts, Parts Quotes, Parts Invoices, Parts Returns, Purchase Orders, Parts, Service Repair Orders

    • DealerTeam Rentals - Home, Chatter, Accounts, Rental Agreement, Vehicle Inventory, Rental Rates, Reports, Dashboards 


The Side Bar 

The Sidebar has a number of useful shortcuts. The Create New dropdown provides one-click access to create new records from tabs displayed in the tab bar. Other shortcuts include Recent Items, Custom Links, Messages and Alerts, and the Recycle Bin. The Sidebar can be customized to include features like Dealership Location and Clock In / Clock Out modules. 

Collapsible Sidebar Image.png

<--- The side bar can be stationary or made collapsible by the system administrator. Locate the small blue arrow 

Location is the current location is displayed at the top of the Side Bar. The Change button can be used to select a different location when available.  

Create New is a drop down menu that allows quick access to create new records. The options in the drop down are in relationship to objects in the tab bar. 

Recent Items display the 10 previously viewed records. A hyperlink provides a shortcut to quickly return to a record with a single click. 





<--- Time stamp recorded when the users Clock-in.

Time Clock - The side bar can include custom features like an employee time clock. When implemented, users can clock-in and clock-out, take breaks and lunch, and manage logged hours from within the system.



Messages and Alerts display important communications from your teams and managers.


Custom Links can be configured to give quick access to regularly visited websites. 


Recycle Bin is available to retrieve records you've deleted over the last 30 days.   


The Main Pane

The Main Pane contains your Chatter FeedDashboard, My Tasks, and Calendar.  This section of the Home Page will display user-specific content and the default layout can be modified by the Systems Administrator.     


The Chatter Feed component will be hidden by default when logged in. Click the Show Feed / Hide Feed button to access your Chatter Feed on the Home Page. A related chatter feed is located at the top of every standard page and it is specific for the open record. For now it's important to know where the chatter feed is located. It will be covered in detail later. 

Image of the show feed button.png image of the hide feed button.png


Items to Approve

Custom sections can also be added to the main pane. In the example, Items to Approve has been added to the home page to help manage approvals. 

Items to Approve section on home page.png


The Dashboard

Your dashboard shows up-to-the-minute results from several reports and refreshes each time the page reloads. Dashboards are customizable and can be built to display a wide variety of metrics and key performance indicators. You can drill down and examine the details of each report by clicking on a chart in the Dashboard. 


Image of a Home Page Dashboard.png

My Tasks

Your open tasks section includes the option to filter by date range or view all open tasks. In the example, the list view is set to display Next 7 Days + Overdue. An open task will turn red to indicate it's passed the due date. Once a task has been create or assigned to you it remains open until manually closed. 

From the Home Page, open tasks can be closed by clicking the blue X. This will open the task editor and automatically set the status to Completed before the task is saved. The User can add related notes and choose Save & New Task if additional follow is needed.     

My task section of the home page.png


NOTE!  The default buttons New and New Event associated with My Tasks and the Calendar are not recommended when creating new tasks and events. These buttons function as expected but they do not auto-populate useful data from other related objects. It is best practice to create new tasks and events from the desired record.  


Calendar Events

Events on your calendar are date and time specific. They are different from tasks because they will expire when the scheduled time passes. They do not have to be manually closed.

The Calendar shows today's date highlighted in blue. You can open a daily planner by clicking on any specific date. The icons are shortcuts to view your Individual Calendar, a Joint Calendar, and a Full List View of tasks and events that can be customized. The numbers 1, 7, 31 quickly display your calendar schedule for the day, week, and month.