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Global Search


Global Search is one of the most widely used features in Salesforce. With the constant need to find a specific record, Global Search can be optimized so everything can be found quickly and accurately.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Locate the global search bar 
  • Use the global search bar


Step One: Locate the Global Search Bar

The Global Search Bar is located in the center of the header at the top of the page on all apps.

1 Global Search- location.png


Step Two: Use the Global Search Bar

The Global Search bar consists of (a) object filter and the (b) input area.

2 Global Search- parts.png


Input Area

Use key words to select records related to the content typed in the global search input.  Enter specific field values of the desired record to refine your search.

  1. Enter the <desired content> in the input area.

3 Global Search- input.png


Note: Click the Record from the dropdown for a quick navigation to the record.


  1. Hit Enter/ Return on the keyboard.

4 Global Search- enter.png


Note: Several Objects appear for "Nissan" such as Accounts, Contacts, Vehicle Inventories, Service Vehicles and Sales Ups.


  1. Click desired record.

5 Global Search- desired record.png



Narrow the search by using the filter.

  1. Click the filter dropdown.
  2. Select desired object.

6 Global Search- desired record filter.png


Note: Typing in the filter area is also available to narrow the object search.


  1. Click into the input area.

7 Global Search- filtered input.png


  1. Hit Enter/Return on the keyboard.
  2. Click the desired record.

8 Global Search- desired record.png


Field Filter

To refine the search further there is a field filter on the left. The field filter will be specific for the selected object.

9 Global Search- field filter.png