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Global Search


Global Search is one of the most widely used features in Salesforce. With the constant need to find a specific record, Global Search can be optimized so everything can be found quickly and accurately.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Locate the global search bar 
  • Use the global search bar


Step One: Locate the Global Search Bar

The Global Search Bar is Located in the center of the header at the top of the page.

1 Global Search- location.png


Step Two: Use the Global Search Bar

The Global Search bar consists of (a) object filter and the (b) input area.

2 Global Search- parts.png


Input Area

Use Key Words to select records related to the content typed in the global search input.

  1. Enter the <desired content> in the input area.

3 Global Search- input.png


Note: Click the Record from the dropdown for a quick navigation to the record.


  1. Hit Enter/ Return on the keyboard.

4 Global Search- enter.png


Note: Several Objects appear for "Nissan" such as Accounts, Contacts, Vehicle Inventories, Service Vehicles and Sales Ups.


  1. Click desired record.

5 Global Search- desired record.png



Narrow the search by using the filter.

  1. Click the filter dropdown.
  2. Select desired object.

6 Global Search- desired record filter.png


Note: Typing in the filter area is also available to narrow the object search.


  1. Click into the input area.

7 Global Search- filtered input.png


  1. Hit Enter/Return on the keyboard.
  2. Click the desired record.

8 Global Search- desired record.png


Field Filter

To refine the search further there is a field filter on the left.

9 Global Search- field filter.png