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Add Close Location Date and Location Closure Remarks

Learn how to add Closure Date and optionally add Closure Remarks per store location.


After completing this how-to you will be able to specify Closure Date and add Closure Remarks per available locations. 


First Step

Begin by navigating to the All tabs "+" and click on the available Locations Tab. 

DealerTeam All Tabs "+"

Click Locations

DealerTeam Locations

Select a store location

DealerTeam select Location

Second Step

Add the two fields Location Close Date and Location Closure Remark to the page layout.  

     NOTE: If you do not have access to Edit the page layout, contact DealerTeam Support or your System Administrator. 

  1. Click Edit Layout
  2. Select Blank Space block and drag it down below into Location Detail page.

     NOTE: The Blank Space is not necessary, however it allows the viewer to separate and see additional fields more easily.  

  1.  In the Quick Find box, type "clos" since both fields that you want to add have those letters in common it helps me eliminate other fields. You could also type in "Location" to receive the same outcome. After doing so, Location Close Date and Location Closure Remark fields appear. Click and drag both fields one at a time into the Location Detail page. 

Watch this video for a quick tutorial. 

Third Step

  1. Double click to the right of the field to in-line edit the Location Close Date.  Select a date when the Store Location will close.
  2. Double click to the right of the field to in-line edit the Location Closure Remarks. Include pertinent information or remarks for the closure of the location. Click the OK button when finished to add comments. 
  3. Click the SAVE button at the top of the page. 

Watch this video for a quick tutorial.