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Add Sale Fees to a Location

Ensure the right fees get added to each deal with Location Based Sales Fees.

Location Based Sale Fees

Ensuring the right fees get added to each deal can seem daunting. Each fee can have complex rules about when it applies and those rules can differ by location. Sales Fees are defined in DealerTeam on the Location record. NOTE: Defining Sale Fees is available only in the Lightning Experience.

Create Sale Fee Definition on the Location

Add the Sale Fee component to the Location Page

If the LocationFeesCreate component isn't on your Location Page then add it. For best results choose a wide section of the page.

Create Sale Fee Definition

Each row represents a Sale Fee that may get added to a Deal either automatically or manually.

Field Description
Name Name of the Sale Fee as displayed on Forms.
Description Description of the Sale Fee as displayed on Forms.
Price Flat rate of the Sale Fee. Will not get evaluated if Default Amount Formula field is populated.
Default Amount Formula Formula that can evaluate a value using fields on a deal and other math operations (see Evaluating Formulas with Calculations Fields). If this field returns a Null value then the Sale Fee will not get added to the deal. Must have 2 digit decimal precision.
Default on Deals Formula NOT IN USE. Entering information in this field can produce unexpected results.
Fee Code Code for the Sale Fee used for internal communication or integrations.
Default on Deals If the deal should always include a Sale Fee set this to True. If Default Amount Formula field is populated then this field is ignored.
Taxable Set to True if the value of this Sale Fee should get taxed.
helpNote_icon.gif If the fee is producing unexpected results, for example creating a $0 fee or the fee doesn't show when expected, first try deleting the fee and recreating it. Then, ensure the custom field API name doesn't match a packaged field without the namespace.

Set Default Fee Amount

For fixed fees simply enter a value into the Price field. If there is a Fee that you would like your Sales team to be able to charge at their discretion you can add it to the location and it will be available to them to select from the Drop Down menu on the Deal Object:


If the fee varies based on the type of Sale or the type of Vehicle, create a formula field on the Deal object that determines the fee value. The formula can reference related records to calculate fees based upon the age or weight rating of the sold Vehicle Inventory for example. If this fee shouldn't get included on the Deal in some scenarios set the value of the field to Null.

The formula field must be a two digit decimal

Next Steps

The LocationFeesCreate component works by writing a JSON string to the Deal Fees (dealer__Deal_Fees__c) field. If multiple locations share the same Sale Fees copy the value of the Deal Fees field to the new location and all the Sale Fees will load.

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