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Adding Division on a User's Profile Automatically Updates Their Dealership Location and Location ID


Learn how to add a division to a user's profile which automatically updates their dealership location and location ID.


Step One - Navigate to Users

  1. From Setup.
  2. Enter Users in the Quickfind box (results will appear under the Quickfind Box). Click Users.

Step Two - Select User

  1. Select the User and click Edit next to the User's name.

Adding Division, Click Edit 1.png

Step Three - Add Store Number

  1. Enter the Store Number in the Division field (Division is the Store Number) then click Save.
  2. Dealership Location field will update once you click save. 
  3. Location ID field will update once you click save. 

Adding Division, Input Store Number.png

Dealership Location and Location Id Updated

Adding Division, fields update.png

What's Next

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