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Assign Forms to a Location


Certain forms are only relevant to a specific location. Assign forms with custom rules to be selected by default.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to forms on locations
  • Assign forms to a location



Before assigning forms to a location forms must be uploaded to the org. Learn how by reading FDF Forms Uploading and Upload Visualforce Forms.


Step One: Navigate to Forms on Locations

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.

1 Assign Forms to a Location- applauncher.png


  1. Enter Locations in the quick search input.
  2. Click the Locations link. 

2 Assign Forms to a Location- navigate locations.png


  1. Select Location record.

3 Assign Forms to a Location- Location record.png


  1. Click the Forms tab.

4 Assign Forms to a Location- forms tab.png


Step Two: Assign Forms to a Location

If a Form is assigned to zero locations then it will show as available in all locations.

  1. Type the <form title> in the Available Forms filter.
  2. Click the + icon on desired form (or drag and drop to Selected Forms).

5 Assign Forms to a Location- add form.png


  1. Enter a custom formula in the Applicable field. If this formula evaluates to TRUE then the form will get added to the Deal as a Selected Form though it will be able to get manually removed. Formulas in this field are based upon the Deal object and follow the rules according to the Evaluating Formulas with Calculations Fields article.
  2. Click Save.

6 Assign Forms to a Location- custom formula.png

Selected Form

The form will be selected by default, signified by a blue star, if the form is assigned to the location and matches the formula's criteria.

7 Assign Forms to a Location- deal from.png


What's Next

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