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Change Location from the Utility Bar


The Utility Bar is a quick access component that can be used from any screen. Easily change the dealership location using the Utility Bar without interrupting  page navigation.

After reading this article you will be able to

  • Navigate to the Utility bar
  • Change the Location from the utility bar


Step One: Navigate to the Utility Bar

The Location Utility Component can be found on the Utility bar at the bottom of the screen in all apps.

  1. Click the location name on the utility bar.

1 Location Utitlity Bar- component.png


Location Utility Components

The location utility components consist of (a) BDC switch, (b) The Quick Search field and  (c) the available Locations

2 Location Utitlity Bar- component.2.png


Step Two: Changing the Location

  1. Enter the store <Name><Number><City>, <State> or <Zip Code> in the Quick Search field. 



  • As you type the quick search field will automatically populate any potential matches
  • You will only see locations where you are a designated location user
  • When the In BDC switch is active the user will not be set as the owner of created objects such as Sales Up Salesperson 1


  1. Click the Select button on the desired Location.

3 Location Utitlity Bar- change.png