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Miscellaneous Charge Codes


Learn how to use Locations to create Miscellaneous Charge Codes to be applied automatically to job lines on Service Repair Orders and Service Estimates.

After reading this article you will be able to: 

  • Navigate to location
  • Add miscellaneous charge codes to a location


Attention Users, Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Lightning Experience.


Step One: Navigate to a Location

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.

1 Misc Charge Codes- app launcher.png


  1. Enter Locations in the quick find area.
  2. Click Locations.

2 Misc Charge Codes- Lpcation navi.png


  1. Select desired location.

3 Misc Charge Codes- Location record.png


Step Two: Add Miscellaneous Charge Codes to a Location

  1. Click the Misc. Charge Codes tab.
  2. Click New.

4 Misc Charge Codes- new btn.png


  1. Fill in the fields to detail the Misc. Charge Code.

The * symbol marks required fields. The new Misc. Charge Code modal is comprised of:

Field Description
(a) * Code Name of the Misc. Charge Code.
(b) * Description Description of the Misc. Charge. This will print out on the Service Estimate or Service Repair Order as readable text.
(c) Location The Location that this Charge Code is associated with.
(d) Active Is this Charge Code Available for Use? If not marked Active it will not show as available.
(e) * Applicable Pay Types The Service Payment Methods that this Misc. Charge should be applied to. One or more may be selected.
(f) Base Charge The base from which Misc. Charges are calculated against.
(g) Percentage Based Amount If specified the charges created will be based on the percentage specified here. Note: Flat Amount will be ignored if this property is specified.
(h) Flat Amount If specified the flat amount is a non-variable charge to a line. This amount would remain static when placed on a line.
(i) Maximum Charge For use with Variable Charge Codes. Maximum Amount that will be charged on each Job Line.
(j) Taxable Is this Misc. Charge Code taxable on customer pay service job lines?

5 Misc Charge Codes- New misc cc.png


  1. Click Save.

6 Misc Charge Codes- save btn.png



Misc. Charge Code added to the Job Line

The Misc. Charge Code Shop Supplies added to the Job Line. The dollar amount was calculated and applied automatically based off the criteria set.