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Miscellaneous Charge Codes


Learn how to use Locations to create Miscellaneous Charge Codes to be applied automatically to job lines on Service Repair Orders and Service Estimates.

Miscellaneous Charge Codes can be utilized in a few different ways.

After reading this article you will be able to: 

  • Setup the basic method to add Shop Supplies to a Service Estimate or Repair Order.


Attention Users, Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic.

Create a New Misc. Charge Code


To get started, navigate to the Locations object, choose the desired Location, scroll down the page to the Related Lists and click New Misc. Charge Code


Navigation Path: All tabs--->Locations-->Choose Available Location-->Click New Misc. Charge Code  


Button for New Misc Charge Code.png


Misc. Charge Code Edit Screen 

  1. Code - In the example we created a Misc. Charge Code titled Shop Supplies. The Code names need to be unique per each location.
  2. Description - This will print out on customer invoices so be careful of your wording, this is forward facing
  3. Location - Sets by default from the initial store location selected
  4. Active Check Box - Needs to be checked in order for the Charges to accumulate.
  5. Applicable Pay Types - A critical field that can be used to apply different Rates base on Pay Types (again you will need a unique Code Name for each type) One rule may also apply for all applicable pay types. This example will only add Shop Supplies charged to Customer Pay Job Lines.


Screen cap of completed Misc. Charge Code Edit: Shop Supply



  1. Base Charge -  The basic function of this field is to automatically trigger the charge code and add Shop Supplies to a Repair Order based on the value selected. The Picklist has 4 options: 
    • Labor Sale
    • Labor Cost
    • Parts Sale
    • Parts Cost
  2. Percentage Based Amount - uses a set percentage based off the RO total to determine the charge amount. In this example 5% of the Labor Sale on an RO or Service Estimate will be charged as a Shop Supply. (sets the amount 7 or 8) 
  3. Flat Amount - a flat rate can be utilized as well to trigger the same Base Charge for each job line that contains a qualifying expense.
  4. Maximum Charge - Sets a cap the Shop Supplies cannot exceed per Job Line on Repair Orders and Estimates. 
  5. Taxable - This check box will apply Sales Tax to the Misc. Charge Code amount when in sync with the Location settings. This Check Box will defer when the Location tax settings are set to tax All or None.


Click Save when done. 


Example of a Misc. Charge added to the Job Line

The screen shot provides an example of the Misc. Charge Code Shop Supplies being added to the Job Line. The dollar amount was calculated and applied automatically based off the criteria set in the step above.