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Set Store Logo by the Location for Lightning


Each store location may use a different logo for their forms and invoices. Learn to set the Store Location Logo used on Invoices by the Location object. Changes will be made to all forms and invoices that may contain a logo.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Obtain the document unique name
  • Navigate to the location object
  • Change the logo


Your logo has to be uploaded to the system before it can be selected. You may need to learn How to Upload Documents before you begin. 

Consider these requirements while saving a Logo into Documents:

  • The image must be in GIF or JPEG format and less than 20 KB in size.
  • The image size is best at 300 pixels wide by 55 pixels high
  • For the best on-screen display, we recommend a transparent background.


Step One: Obtain Document Unique Name

Salesforce lightning does not support Documents switch to classic to navigate to the Uploaded documents.

  1. Click the User Icon.
  2. Select Switch to Salesforce Classic.

1 Set Store Logo- sf classic.png


  1. Click the All Tabs (+) button.

2 Set Store Logo- all tabs.png


  1. Select Documents.

3 Set Store Logo - Documents.png


  1. Click desired logo.

4 Set Store Logo - logo record.png


  1. Copy the Document Unique Name.

5 Set Store Logo - docid.png


Step Two: Navigate to the Location Object

  1. Click ⚡ Switch to Lightning Experience.

6 Set Store Logo - LEX.png


  1. Click the App Launcher icon.

7 Set Store Logo - app launcher.png


  1. Enter Locations in the click find area.
  2. Click Locations.

8 Set Store Logo - location navi.png


  1. Select desired Location.

9 Set Store Logo - location record.png


Step Three: Replace Logo Name Field

  1. Double-click the Logo Name field. 

10 Set Store Logo - location record.png


  1. Paste <Document Unique Name>  into the Logo Name field.
  2. Click Save
11 Set Store Logo - logo name.png