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Winter '19 - 5.x

DealerTeam Release notes for Winter 19 - 5.x

Main overview

Change Log

New and Updated Features

Create Equipment Masters and use them to add equipment to vehicles.

Create and use templates called Equipment Masters to add additional equipment to Service Vehicles or Vehicle Inventories. Learn more by readingAdd Equipment to a Vehicle.

Parts Quote Conversion has been updated.

We have updated the Parts Quote Conversion action to take the location from the Parts Quote and assign the same location to the Parts Invoice that is created.

Schedule Training/Vacation for Technicians without selecting a Client

A Client is no longer required to save Training/Vacation time-blocks for Technicians on the service scheduler.

Convert a Person Account to Business Account and Vice Versa

Convert a Person Account to a Business Account and vice versa. This allows you to keep contact and relevant information reducing duplication.

Covert to Business Account to Person, click dropdown then Convert, Release Note.png

New Sales Up Cursor Location

The field First Name is now the location default for the cursor on the New Sales Up lightning component.

New Receive Buttons when Accepting Parts on a Purchase Order

Two new buttons Receive Parts and Accept and Receive Parts and Keep Open have replaced the original Receive Parts button on the page Receive Purchase Order Items. This updated feature allows for a PO to be received without the status automatically changing to Accepted.

Second Page Added to the Buyers Guide

Now add a second page to the buyers guide with dealer information. Also change the buyers guide's language from English to Spanish.

Warranty Deductible Added to Service Repair Order

The warranty deductible is now located in the header of service repair order records.

Automatically add or restrict Forms on deals

Does your org have a whole bunch of Deal Forms? Are there Forms that get printed on every Deal? Using Forms on Deals just got a whole lot easier.

Now instead of all Forms in the org showing as available to print on every Deal only the Forms relevant for the Deal's location will display as available. More than that, if a formula on the Form Assignment evaluates to true for that Deal then that particular Form will get added automatically.

Tighter linking between Sales Appointment and Events

DealerTeam has always made an event connected to a Sales Appointment and now that link is even stronger. When you make a new Sales Appointment whatever is defined as the subject will match the subject on the Event. If nothing gets entered for the Subject it will still default to "Sales Appointment: <CustomerName>". Also, by changing the subject, date, time, and/or notes on the event those changes will show on the Sales Appointment. No need to make the changes directly on the Sales Appointment.

NOTE: The "Sales Appointment Linked Event" setting must be enabled on the Sales Department Settings subtab of the DMS Defaults tab.

Updated Tax Reference for Service and Parts Functions

The tax relationship between Account and Service Repair Order, Service Estimate and Parts Invoice was originally set by a default value on Tax Settings. The derived value is now dynamic and will set based on the Tax Exempt status of the account.

The logic follows:

  • Tax Exempt Flagis not on the Buyer Account, then taxshould be accrued on all related objects by default.
  • Tax Exempt Flag ison the Buyer Account, then taxshould not be accrued on all related objects by default.

NOTE: The default setting can be overridden by the user. We recommend with this feature that the system admin institute a validation rule on the Tax Exempt check box, requiring a value in the Tax ID field on the Account.

Service Vehicle Engine Displacement field

Now the Engine displacement field correctly transfers data to the Service Vehicle from the related Vehicle Inventory record .

Conversion Field Added to Sales Up and Desired Vehicle

A new field called Conversion has been added to the Sales Up and Desired Vehicle object . The conversion field is a lookup to a parts kit. When a Sales Up with a populated Conversion is turned into a Deal the parts kit will appear as equipment on the Deal.

Updated Inventory Count Sheets

On the Parts Physical Detail Object, the Count Sheets have been updated to show the Manufacturer and the Part Number and Description of the part.

Updated CashierPDF VisualForce page and Parts Invoice page

Upgrades to the PartsPaymentPDF file now respect the Location Logo and Location Address when printed. To facilitate the print-receipt function, a Print option is now available from the related Cashier List on the Parts Invoice Page..

dtmob namespace features integrated into dealer namespace

With the 5.x release of DealerTeam the features resident in our dtmob extension package are now available as core features. If your org uses the dtmob package use these procedures to upgrade.

Deprecated fields on the Contact Object

The following fields have been deprecated from the Contact Object.

API Name / Field Label

dealer__B2CRecord__c / B2CRecord

dealer__Languages__c / Languages

dealer__MiddleName__c / Middle

dealer__Related_Name__c / Related Name

Vehicle added to a Deal will be added to the corresponding Sales Up

Adding a vehicle to a Deal from a Sales Up with no desired vehicle will now also add the vehicle to the corresponding Sales Up.

Record specific fields have been added to Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders now have assigned field sets to match the record type resulting in more relevant fields to display on the Purchase Order page. The Purchase Order is now available in Lightning Experience.

Change the label of your Deal Type

If your dealership wants to change the name of the Deal Type from "Chassis / Conversion" or "Equipment Only" you can. Go into the Deal Type field on the Deal object and edit the picklist values.

Deal Type picklist label

Change the Label [NOTE: do not change the API name which may cause errors]

Update Deal Type picklist label

That new label will show in the Deal screen.

Service Scheduler Updated to use Labels in the Placeholder Text

The new event modal dialog within the service scheduler has been updated to use system labels for the placeholder text on the Customer and Vehicle inputs. This change allows Administrators to overwrite the placeholder text when using the Translation Workbench.

New Lightning Based Component when Creating a Parts Master Record.

To create a new Parts Master Record the featuredLightning Action includes a validation rule that will warn the user if any special characters are used in the Part Number field.

New Lightning Component for Part Record Creation

A new lightning component is created for Part record creation. Process of creation is the same with a new look.

Sales Appointment Confirmations

Confirm sales appointments from the community website. Automatically create a task if the appointment needs to be rescheduled using the SalesAppointmentConfirmation lightning component.

CarFax Lightning Component

The CarFax Lightning Component now populates the VIN fields on the Service Vehicle and Vehicle Inventory records. Clear error message will now appear if the credentials are not set on the designated location.

Location based settings have been enhanced to allow the Miscellaneous Charge Code to define taxation.

From the respected Miscellaneous Charge Code Record, you can now charge tax on specific types of Service Miscellaneous Charge Codes by using this feature on the Location object.

Added sequence to the Dealer Location User Object

The Sequence Field has been added to the Dealer Location User object. The Code was updated to use the Sequence field to allow Organizations to change the Output of the Technicians on the Service Scheduler.

Order of Fields on New Sales Up Component

The fields on the new sales up component are now ordered from left to right Lead Type, Source, Lead Status.

Previously Source, Lead Status, Lead Type.

Behavior Changes

Updated Numbering Sequence for the Parts Invoice Object

The Parts Invoice numbering sequence has been updated to be more consistent. The field of Invoice Number will be consistent on all Parts Invoices. The naming sequence will be updated to the following formula:

INV#( Location Store Number)-( Invoice Sequence number); the Store is Company number RD1 and the Invoice Sequence is 7003, the next invoice would be INV#RD1-7004. This will be the same if the Invoice is related to a Service Repair Order or a Repair Order created by a Service Estimate.

Parts Quote PDF Address Update

The address displayed on the Parts Quote PDF will now pull from the Location associated with the quote. Previously, the address was pulled from organization.

Continue to add new parts lines after accepting a Purchase Order

We have upgraded the functionality of the Purchase Order receiving event. You now have the option to receive specific lines on a Purchase order and leave the Purchase Order open. At this point you can add additional lines to a Purchase Order or Edit any lines that have not been received.

Deleted DTMOB fields from Packaging Org.

For a detailed list of withdrawn and substituted fields please read Migrating DTMOB Field Data to DEALER Namespace.

When creating a Part Transfer the Part Purchase record type is forced.

Previously when committing a Parts Transfer request the users default record type for Purchase Orders was selected. This behavior could result in a Parts Transfer Purchase Order with a non Parts Purchase record type. In DealerTeam version 5 this behavior is changed to force the Parts_Purchase record type.

Parts Invoice Void Function Updated

We have updated the Parts Invoice Void Function to delete all existing Parts Invoice Lines related to the invoice and return any parts Inventory to the Location On hand.

Known Issues : Corrected

Paid Logo Ribbon Prints on a Paid Parts Invoice

A blue ribbon including the text "Paid" now prints when printing a cashiered Parts Invoices with the status Posted. This is to signify a Parts Invoice has been paid.

Cashiering Decimal

When cashiering, the decimals will only calculate to the hundredth place.

While in Lightning creating a Parts Transfer from a Part Order a white screen could be encountered.

Due to a difference in the way Lighting processes record requests the VisualForce Create Transfer from could result in a white screen. End users may think the Part Transfer was not created resulting in the end user creating a new record.

Feature Updates to the Deal View Show/Hide Toggle

Issues were resolved with the show/hide toggle icon

  • Amounts will respectfully show/hide based on user selection
  • Percentage amounts will show when toggled.

Updated the Parts Ledger Handling for External Parts Control

Modified behavior under Custom Settings/Fix Operation Settings/Parts Inventory Control Method,Field value set to External. We have updated the Service Repair Order, Parts Handlers to work when organizations use an external system for Parts Inventory Control Management. Updated actions to be expected

  1. Adding or subtracting a part from the On-hand value will not update the Parts Ledger
  2. On-hand QTY and Parts Inventory History will continue to be updated

This update also resolves the error message triggered when trying to sell parts with a negative quantity on-hand.