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Winter 2018 - 4.x

Release Notes for Winter 2018 - 3.x

Main overview

Change Log

New and Updated Features

Service Repair Order Object Includes New Fields

As part of our continued success, new fields are being added to the Service Repair Order Object. These fields have been identified by our users to be of great importance to their success. These fields summarize the miscellaneous charges on job lines in each of the respective charge categories. This will help you categorize miscellaneously charges accordingly.

API Names

  • Customer_Misc_Charges__c
  • Warranty_Misc_Charges__c
  • Internal_Misc_Charges__c
These fields are defined as currency fields. Their values are going to be hard-set by the sum of Misc charges on a job line.


Adding Parts to a Deal Now Includes a Quantity Field

Based on user feedback we have added an input for the quantity to parts edit screen. This new feature will allow you to more easily detail parts quoted on deals.

add part quantity - mobility deal screen


Web Optimized Images for Vehicle Inventory

When uploading images to your Vehicle Inventory you can retain the original image (typically a high-resolution image) and have an image for primary display on the website along with a sampled thumbnail. Providing you web-optimized images will improve the performance of your website: faster downloads and rendering of content on the screen.

Field NameDefault Value
dealer__CDNThumbnailURL__cThe CDN Copy of the Thumbnail URL
dealer__CDNURL__cThe CDN Copy of the "Primary Display" URL, this was previously the Image URL
dealer__Image_URL__cThis is the full size image
dealer__PrimaryDisplayURL__cDirect S3 URL of the Full Size Image
dealer__Thumbnail_URL__cThumbnail S3 URL of the mini image
Note: If you would like your existing images resampled please contact your Customer Success Representative.


Service Estimate Operation Codes

The available actions for the Service Estimate have been aligned to only allow items on the Standard Operations codes that are made available at the location level. This will make the transition from an estimate to a Repair Order seamless and all taxable and location setting will be preserved.


Service Estimate Footer

The customer can now add a Disclaimer directly to all Service Estimates. Simply go to the Location Record and you can input your message under Disclaimers. The default location will be directly underneath the Customer Signature Line.


When Creating a Delivery Repair Order, a Lookup to The Deal is Now Populated Automatically

Note, a new field exists on the Service Repair Order. A lookup to the Deal is now available.

When creating a Delivery Repair Order from the Deal the new lookup is automatically populated. The change is included in the ServiceRepairOrderAPI.createRepairOrderFromDeal() global method.


Addition of Vehicle Inventory Field to Repair Order

If you have a Repair Order with an Inventory Vehicle attached to it instead of a Service Vehicle it will display a Information field above the Job Lines portion:
Inventory Vehicle 4
The Customer can choose which items will show in this dialog box. If you change any of the values that are displayed a small box will appear on the right had side to Update the Vehicle Inventory:
Inventory Vehicle 5
Any Changes you make will transfer back to the Vehicle Inventory Record.



Field Label Change - Location is Now Location (Memo) on Service Repair Order

To help reduce confusion on Standard fields of the Service Repair Order the Label for the Location Text field is now Location (Memo). This change will help users more easily distinguish between the Location text input field and the Store Location lookup to Dealership Location.


Add Parts Page is Paginated

When adding a Part from the deal screen the results now display with pagination. You are able to filter parts; it will display up to 10 results a page with the ability to continue to the next page or skip to a different page to see the rest of the results. This enhancement will allow you to move through results and quickly scan for the desired part.

Add Parts Page is Paginated


Operate More Efficiently with Sales Dispositions

A new feature has been added under the hood of Sales Up's and Deals, Sales Dispositions. This feature allows you to associate either Lead Status, Deal Status or both with a set Disposition. The Disposition field is set at record edit based on the mapping set forth in the Custom Setting for SalesDispositions.

The acceptable Disposition values are:

  • Open
  • Lost
  • Accepted
  • Won
There are many benefits of Dispositions, however the most immediate are:
  1. Simplify report filter criteria. Instead of selected all of the Lead or Deal Statuses, select a single disposition.
  2. Enforce Sales Up Lead Status when a Deal Status Changes.
  3. Build custom workflow, process builder automation or flows using a standard Disposition.
Additional information can be found in the feature notes, Setting up Sales Dispositions


Behavior Changes

Exporting Advanced Search of Appraisals

Previously when exporting results from the Appraisal Dashboard search record Id's were included where record names should have been referenced. Now your users will be provided Vehicle.Name values when exporting their search results.


Equipment Items Get a New Look and Feel

In order to provide more information on selected equipment we have condensed the selected equipment card and added more content.

Parts Kit on Deal Screen


Mobility Invoice Print Options

The Home Equipment from has been created to provide the user the option to print a form with no vehicle equipment. This allows the dealership the ability to send the appropriate documents intended for 3rd Party Payors.


Return to Vendor Invoices Include an Invoice Number Prefix

To ensure ease of identification and to prevent possible collision with existing Invoice Numbers, the Parts Invoices that are generated in the Return to Vendor process now includes the prefix of RETURN.


Miscellaneous Purchase Orders Now Allow Acceptance at $0

Beginning in Winter '18, Purchase Orders are able to be accepted at at zero dollar value. This feature change is based on customer feedback and used for tracking/recording receipt of items such as Demo units or other items that are consigned.


Appraisal History Tracking

The Appraisal History is available on the Appraisal screen. View the history of changes made to an Appraisal and who made it.

Appraisal History


Bug Fixes

Fields in Deal Screen Automatically Clearing Out When Inputting Dollar Values

In the Deal Screen, fields with numerical values did not clear out leaving a user to manually clear out the fields. The bug has been fixed so when entering the field, the values automatically clear out. This allows you to save some time by reducing the number of clicks it takes to place values in desired fields.


Service Repair Order Functions

When applying a Discount to the Repair Order there was inconsistent behavior on how the discount applied to the Repair Order. This has been standardized to the following:

  • Customer pay Labor, Parts, Sublet, and Misc. Charges are Totaled. That amount is taxed based on the Location level rules and any Standard Op Code Rules.
  • The discount is applied to the total.
  • The Amount owed by the customer reflects in the cashier screen, on the Customer Copy and the Audit copy. The discount amount is shown on the Customer Copy and the Audit Copy as well.


Adding Purchase Order Sublet Line Fails and Displays an Error

An error is displayed when adding a Purchase Order Sublet line fails. The error displays information to let you know what information is missing. Simply fill the missing information in the proper fields to complete adding a Purchase Order Sublet line.


Trade-in VIN Are Correctly Displaying on Mobility Forms

Mobility Quote Forms had intermittent errors have been resolved. Adding a Trade-in to a Deal now displays the correct VIN of the Trade-in on the desired forms.


Service Contracts

In the prior version, if the tax was applied from the Purchase tab instead of the default tax rate from the Deal Recap tab, tax would not apply to service contracts sold. Since then enhancements have been made to allow you to change the tax rate from the Purchase tab. Once you Save the Deal, the Sales tax rate will populate and tax rates will be applied to the service contracts and parts and labor that are selected from the equipment tab. This gives the user ability to change tax rates quickly based on City, County or State.


Changing VIN on an Appraisal

When changing a VIN on an Appraisal the new VIN did not save correctly. The mobility appraisal now correctly connects the new VIN to the existing service vehicle associated with the appraisal.

Changing VIN on Apprasals


Rapid click on Commit Transfer could result in multiple Transfer Purchase Orders

When performing an Parts Transfer it was possible to create multiple transfer purchase orders if the end user was to click "Commit Transfer" multiple times.

A prevention mechanism has been put in place to ensure the Commit Transfer event is only actionable in a single processing stream.


Scheduler - Service Appointment

When a service appointment crosses weeks, the daily view does not show the appointment. Creating an appointment that spans more than one week is viewable from a daily view. This allows you to view service appointments from a daily view giving you a more detailed schedule of day to day service appointments.