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Summer '18 - 4.x

Release Notes for Summer 2018 - 4.x

Main overview

- PREVIEW ONLY - GA 7/23/2018 Summer '18 introduces version 4 of the DealerTeam application suite (API v.4). Included in the following release notes are new features and product enhancements as well as bug fixes and general system updates.

Change Log

New and Updated Features

Carfax Integration support for Classic Pages

To better support users of Carfax a new set of features have been added that allows users to obtain Carfax Vehicle History reports directly from within DealerTeam.

Add the Carfax Vehicle History Report module to either your Service Vehicle or Vehicle Inventory standard page layouts by including the following Visualforce Pages:

  • CarFaxVehicleHistoryReport_SV
  • CarFaxVehicleHistoryReport_VI

Alternatively the CarfaxVehicleHistoryReport component can be added to your custom Visualforce code. This global component will allow you to easily bind our reporting interface without custom code.

Use the following example to embed the CarfaxVehicleHistoryReport in your custom VF Page:
  • <dealer:CarfaxVehicleHistoryReport />

New Field - Condition on Appraisals

A new property of appraisals has been created. The field is of type picklist. The picklist is user editable but comes with the following default values.

  • Outstanding: Exceptional mechanical, exterior and interior condition; requires no reconditioning. Vehicle is in exceptional mechanical, exterior and interior condition with no visible wear; it requires no reconditioning. Paint will have a glossy appearance. Vehicle has no mechanical and/or cosmetic problems and has a clean engine compartment. Exterior and interior are free of any damage. Tires are in nearly new condition. Vehicle has a clean title and has the ability to pass an emissions inspection.
  • Clean: Some normal wear but no major mechanical or cosmetic problems; may require limited reconditioning. Vehicle shows some normal wear but has no major mechanical and/or cosmetic problems. Paint still has a glossy finish and may have slight scratches or dings. Some reconditioning may be needed. Interior will have minimal fading and wear. Tires have substantial tread remaining. Vehicle has a clean title and has the ability to pass an emissions inspection.
  • Average: May have a few mechanical and/or cosmetic problems and may require a considerable amount of reconditioning. Vehicle may have a few mechanical and/or cosmetic problems and may require a considerable amount of reconditioning. Exterior paint has some dullness. Vehicle may have a considerable amount of scratches or dings. Interior material is slightly worn and faded. Tires have some usable tread remaining. Vehicle has a clean title and has the ability to pass an emissions inspection.
  • Rough: Several mechanical and/or cosmetic problems requiring significant repairs. Vehicle has several mechanical and/or cosmetic problems. Exterior and interior need significant repairs. Tires may need to be replaced. Vehicle may need minor repairs to pass an emissions inspection, but has a clean title.
  • Damaged: Major mechanical and/or body damage that may render it in non-safe running condition. Vehicle has major mechanical and/or body damage that may render it in non-safe running condition. Exterior and interior is damaged or worn. Tires need to be replaced. Vehicle may have a branded title (i.e. salvaged, flooded, frame damaged, etc.). Vehicle may require significant repairs to pass an emissions inspection.

    Change Store Locations Available for Lightning

    Changing store locations is available for lightning. Edit your homepage and under drag and drop MyDealershipUtility module into your layout.
    Change store location for lightning
    Click here to see how to Change Store Location for Lightning.

    Customer View Toggle Created

    On the Deal Page there is an Icon in the lower right hand corner. When this Icon is red the Cost and Gross Fields for all of the pages on the deal are visible:
    User-added image
    Once you click on that Icon it will turn yellow, at this point it is safe to show your screen to a customer. No Cost or Gross information will show on any of the Deal Tabs. If you toggle between Deals for the customer the view will stay in the same setting. So if you are showing two different vehicles to a customer you toggle between them and never show any cost fields.
    User-added image

    New Field - Reason For Change on the Parts Ledger

    When performing a perpetual inventory adjustment using the parts management screen, the reason for change now saves to a new field. This feature enhancement allows better tracking and audit capabilities when changing parts quantities manually.

    Region Object is Added to Support Location Groups

    The Region field has been added to the Locations object to help group locations. Regions are logical groups of business units. Each Location is optionally parented by a Region. This level of hierarchy supports reporting enhancements as well as standard and custom business logic.

    Set Region on the Locations object

    Click here to learn How toSelect a Region for a Store Location.

    Parts Inventory Completion Creates a Protected Document

    At the completion of a parts physical inventory two reports are created and put into the attachments of your Physical inventory, there will be a PDF version and a CSV Version of the Parts Physical. Both of these reports will be protected so that users can not delete them.

    Deal Screen - Vehicle Lookup

    Selecting a Vehicle inside a Deal now filters vehicles Out of Stock and Rentals. Only vehicles available for purchase will display when searching the Vehicle Inventory in the Deal Screen.

    Adding Division on a User's Profile Automatically Updates Their Dealership Location and Location ID

    Dealership Location field and Location ID field will automatically update once you add a division to a user's profile and click save.

    Click here to learn How to add the Division on a User's Profile.

    Set Default Disclaimer Text To Print On Service Repair Orders

    In the Service & Disclaimer section of the Location Record you can include default disclaimers that will print on Service and Parts Department documents. These can be up to 5000 Characters by default.

    Click here to learn How to add texts to Disclaimers.

    Make the Deal screen your own with field level security and translation overrides

    Don't like the way a label reads on the Deal screen? Someone shouldn't see costs? Now you can change how the Deal screen displays.

    Updates to fields represented on the Deal screen now respect field level security (FLS) and translation overrides. This allows tuning the Deal screen to fit your business by removing or relabeling fields to meet your needs.

    Deal Screen Visibility of Cost

    There is a toggle button on the bottom right of the Deal Screen to allow a user to show / hide Deal Cost figures. An Eye icon Display Cost figures icon displays the cost while a Lock icon Hide Cost figures Icon hides the cost figures.

    Print Multiple Forms With a Single Click

    On the Deal page, you now have the option to select multiple forms and merge them into a single PDF for printing and archiving.

    Click here to learn How toprint multiple forms in a deal.

    Invoice Logo Now Driven From Location

    To offer a greater degree of versatility when printing invoices, a new property has been added to the Dealer Location Object:

    • dealer__Dealer_Location__c.Logo_Name__c - Type : Text(255)
    This value is paired with a static resource and rendered on all packaged forms. If this value is empty, the default static resource will be used:
    • InvoiceLogo
    Customers may override this value to the name of any image type static resource. Apply custom logos to specific store locations.

    Click here to learn How to Set Store Location Logo by The Location Object.

    Create Rental Agreements in Lightning

    Rental Agreements have been optimized for the Lightning Experience.

    Click here to learn How to Create Rental Agreements for Lightning.

    Rental Scheduler - More Information at a Glance

    View more fields on a Rental Scheduler card by editing the field level security. Gain information at a glance by hovering over a Rental Event/Card on the Rental Schedule Calendar.

    Click here to learn How to Schedule a Rental Reservation.

    A toggle switch that changes the discount amount to discount percentage has been added on the deal screen.

    A new toggle switch has been added to the Deal screen located inside the Deal Recap header. When activating the switch it changes the conversion discount fields from currency amounts to percentages.

    Toggle Switch Icon on Deal Page

    Location - Customizable Fees

    • Fee Default Formula Field respects a custom formula field.
    • Adding the same Fee twice will not execute. An error will popup.
    • A Refresh button has been added to the Fee related lists on Deals to be able to recalculate Fees.
    • Assess different fees for a specific location.
    • Each Fee may have a default value by location.
    • Each Fee may be auto-added to the deal by default under specified criteria.
    • Each Fee can be added to the deal by default under a specified criteria.
    • Each Fee may be defined as taxable by location.
    • Each Fee value can be merged into FDF forms.
    • On Deal Create - Pre-populate into Fees object.
    • Allow fees to be editable via the Edit button.
    • Adding/Editing/Removing fees recalculate in the Deal Screen.
    • Each Fee can be restricted to default value by permission.

    Lightning Experience - Simplified Sales Up Creation - List of Suggested Sales Ups, Contacts, and Business Accounts Appear

    When entering contact information in fields you will be able to view partial matches or duplicates of:

    • suggested Sales Ups
    • suggested Contacts
    • suggested Business Accounts
    If a duplicate exists select one of the following:
    • Sales Ups
    • Contacts
    • Accounts
    If one does not exist continue to create a new Sales Up.

    Click here to learn How to Create a New Sales Up for Lightning.

    Warranty Account Lookup added to Service Repair Order Header

    What is changed?

    A new field has been introduced into the Service Repair Order header. The new field is Warranty Account.

    Warranty Account

    The warranty account lookup field added to the repair order header is intended to be used for warranty processing when posting warranty repair orders.

    Click here to learn How to Record the Warranty Account when Pay Type is Warranty on a job line.

    Vehicle Inventory Reord - Stock Number by Stock Number Book

    As an enhanced feature of assigning Stock Numbers to Vehicle Inventory records a Dealership has the ability to create Stock Numbers by using a Stock Number Book.
    Here are other methods of creating the next available stock number.

    • Assign by last digits of Vin number.
    • Assign by a numerical sequence with a starting Stock Number.
    • Assign by using Stock Number Book.
    Click here to learn How to Create a Stock Number.

    Parts Invoices support Company Contracting Name out of the box

    Parts Invoice, Pre-Invoice and Pick Tickets

    Printable PDF documents now support enhanced location information. Previously these items used the Location Name and, the now deprecated, Location.Address__c field for the Company Name as well as the Street. With the Summer '18 release these items are now leveraging the "Contracting Name" for the Company Name title. If the Contracting Name field is not populated the printable documents will use the Location Name to represent the Company Name. In addition the flexible company name we have removed the Address field that is slated for removal from the form. The Street field replaces the Address field and will better serve our clients going forward.

    Creating a Delivery Repair Order updates the Deal screen in real time

    When creating a delivery repair order from the delivery tab of the deal the RO# and link will update without having to refresh the page.

    Rental Agreements - Invoice by Location

    Set Rental Agreement Invoices by location. Assign Visual Force pages for Rental Agreement Contract and Rental Agreement Receipt. If the fields Rental Agreement Contact and Rental Agreement Receipt are left blank the system will default to a DealerTeam managed page.

    New Platform Event for Financial Integrations

    As part of the Summer '18 4.x release a new Platform Event has been introduced.

    DealerTeam "Apps" have been upgraded to Lightning

    As part of our transition to Lightning the classic apps for DealerTeam Sales, DealerTeam Service, DealerTeam Parts, DealerTeam Rentals have been upgraded to Lighting Compatible Applications. Upgrading a Classic app to a Lightning app lets you and your users take advantage of custom branding and the enhanced navigation features available in Lightning Experience.

    Feature changes

    When working in the Lightning Experience your users will now have a "My Dealership" selector in the Utility Bar of the application. Previously this was located on the sidebar in classic.

    New Object - Purchase Order Receiving

    The Purchase Order Receiving object will record the receiving events in the Purchase Order Accept/Receive process. The Purchase Order Receiving Event object will replace recorded receiving events in Notes/Attachments for Purchase Orders. When purchase orders are received/accepted the Purchase Order Receiving table tracks the values and items that are received. Specifically Parts purchase orders can have a partial receive event.

    Click here to learn when the Purchase Order Receiving object is used.

    Developer Preview - Test Factory extended to global scope for external usage

    Please note this feature is in Developer Preview mode. We consider the feature to be high quality and ready for use, however if you experience any issues please contact for assistance or log a case via the partner portal,

    Writing test coverage can be time consuming and require large amounts of data setup. To better serve our customers we have extended our Test Factory to be accessible by developers outside of our teams using Global API Access Modifiers. Each managed data object DealerTeam supports includes a test factory method for instantiation of data within the object. If no data is specified each field is populated with example data for usage.

    Example Usage:

    // Creating an Account and Contact Record with Data Populated
    Account a = (Account)dealer.TestFactory.createSObject(new Account(), true);
    Contact c = (Contact)dealer.TestFactory.createSObject(new Contact(), true);

    // Creating default records with values for Service Vehicle, Repair Order and Standard Operation Code
    dealer__Service_Vehicle__c veh = (Service_Vehicle__c)dealer.TestFactory.createSObject(new Service_Vehicle__c(), true);
    dealer__Service_Repair_Order__c sro = (Service_Repair_Order__c)dealer.TestFactory.createSObject(new Service_Repair_Order__c(dealer__Customer__c = a.Id, dealer__Customer_Contact__c = c.Id, dealer__Vehicle__c = veh.Id), true);
    dealer__StandardOpCode__c opc = (StandardOpCode__c)dealer.TestFactory.createSObject(new StandardOpCode__c(), true);

    Introducing our automotive based theme, for Lightning Experience

    With the Summer '18 release of DealerTeam a new Lightning Experience is included. This theme introduces a light blue background and new application logo.

    Utility Bar - Change Store Location

    The Utility Bar is a quick access component that can be used from any screen. Easily change the dealership location using the Utility Bar without interrupting page navigation.

    Click here to learn How toChange the Store Location from the Utility Bar

    VIN Decode data moved to Big Object Storage

    Due to the large amount of data provided when decoding vehicles (VIN Decoding) we are moving the storage of this data into a Big Object. Currently VIN Data is stored in two objects, one for vehicle inventory and one for service vehicles. These two objects are being deprecated in favor of a single storage object. Each time a VIN is decoded the object will be updated with the latest VIN Data regardless of the decode resulting from a Vehicle Inventory record or a Service Vehicle record.

    To take advantage of this migration Administrators must log a case to activate the change. This change processes all records currently stored in the two named data objects and populates the data the dedicated big object. To learn more about Big Objects you may reference the following guide.

    In the process of building the Big Object Storage a new component was created providing a quick access view and filter of installed/additional equipment. This component is called VehicleEquipmentView.

    Carfax on Appraisals

    The Carfax widget is now optional on appraisals.

    New Sales Up

    The New Sales Up lightning component has been optimized to increase speed, fluidity and ease of use when facing large data volumes.

    Price Matrix Metadata Type

    To support price matrices within our application a new metadata type has been added. The Price Matrix metadata type will be the root storage of the customer configurable matrix for parts sales.


    The initial release of price matrix mdt will allow customers to specify a percentage markup for parts by cost range.


    FD:FL1A - Oil Filter

    Cost 5.95

    Matrix Low : 3.99
    Matrix High: 6.99
    Matrix Percent: 85%
    Matrix Applciation : Location and Payment Method of Internal

    Price : = (5.95 * .85) + 5.95 = 11.00 || 5.95 * 1.85 = 11.00

    Behavior Changes

    Mixed Job Lines Status will Auto Update Job Status

    If you mark a job line as Declined and all other Job lines on the Service Repair Order are complete the Service Repair Order will update to a Status Of Cashier.
    This allows you to use the current flow and prevent users from changing Status.

    Purchase Orders Created From Repair Orders

    Previously, when creating a Purchase Order from a Repair Order you had to select the job line # when adding a new line. Now, the process is simplified. After clicking on the Sublet Purchase Order or Parts Purchase Order button from the Service Job Line, the job will pre-populate in the purchase order line by default.

    Desired Vehicle Trigger Moved To Handler Class

    To better support separation of concerns within the domain layer logic, the trigger for Desired_Vehicles__c has been updated. The updates migrate the current trigger logic to an appropriate trigger handler class.


    Currently there is no active logic within the Desired Vehicle Domain Layer Logic. Previous versions of DealerTeam Core provided a mechanism for matching inventory based on customer stated desired vehicles. This logic has been temporarily suspended to create better matching algorithms and reduce SOQL overhead.

    Friendly Error Messages On Deals

    What's does all that developer info at the beginning of the error message mean? It doesn't matter to you and now it's not included anymore. Look for friendlier error messages on Deals without the gibberish.

    This error...
    Update failed. First exception on row 0 with id a13L0000003vhbuIAA; first error: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, The validation test rule is blocking your save: []

    Becomes this error...
    Custom Validation Exception: The validation test rule is blocking your save

    Mobility Invoice and Quote Forms - Retail price if marked up would show the retail price and the sale price being more

    If the Sale Price is higher than the Retail Sale Price on the Vehicle Inventory Record (Chassis or Conversion) the DealerTeam system will not display the Retail Price from the inventory record only the Sale Price.

    InstallScriptAPI extended to global scope

    What has changed?

    To better serve customers using scratch orgs and other custom development processes we have extended our InstallScriptAPI to be globally accessible.

    Usage Example

    From the developer console you can now run one or all methods from the InstallScriptOrgAPI class.


    Label Changes on the Deal Screen Equipment Section

    Within the equipment section of the Deal Screen, the field labels on the left column filters have been updated. The update migrates the MFG to Manufacturer, Part_Category to Primary Category and Sub_Category to Sub Category. These values are driven from the respective fields on the Aftermarket Object and may be changed by organizations using the translation workbench.

    Known Issues : Corrected

    Forms - Company Contract Name

    Previously, the Company Contract Name on the Location object did not print on forms. Now the Company Contract Name/Store Name appears on printed forms.

    Editing SRO Parts lines Will update the Daily Parts Order

    In the Current build the only time a Daily parts order is created is when a part is added to a Service Repair order. This update will make it so that if a quantity of a part on a Service Repair order is increased from its original amount. The Daily parts order will have a separate order line added to it for the increase in quantity. Please note that if you reduce the quantity of a part on a Service Repair Order this will not reduce the number of parts needed on the daily parts order. This is to prevent service from attempting to remove parts quantities from the order after a purchase order has been created.

    Editing SRO Parts lines Will update the Daily Parts Order

    As you can see the Daily Order is standard from the Day. The Parts order lines are unique and occur with any increase to the Service Repair order quantity.
    Please note that Parts Invoices are not subject to this logic and create separate ordering policies.

    Changing The Subject Line in The Email Purchase Order is Responding

    In the Purchase Order Email, the subject line would revert to the default subject after being edited. The subject line now responds to the edits.

    **New Feature Enhancement**

    The subject now includes the purchase order # in it by default.

    Scheduler - Scheduling without a customer failed to save

    Scheduling a service appointment without adding a customer could conditionally fail and not display an error to the end user. This issue has been corrected. If you are still experiencing issues saving events to the service scheduler please contact your success manager or

    Service Scheduler Standard Operation Code Lookup

    The lookup relationship for the Standard Operation Code for Scheduler Appointments was lost, the lookup has been reset and works as should.

    Sales Up - Create Sales Up From a Business Account

    A correction has been made to the Sales Up object. To create a B2B Sales Up you must start from the Business Account. Previously, on the Persons Account object the New Sales Up button did not include a field to select an existing Buyer name/contact which happened intermittently.Now, creating a Business Account Sales Up is working as expected.

    Vin Decode Button On The Vehicle Inventory Record Creates An Error.

    Vin decode button on the vehicle inventory record creates an error. This error has been corrected.

    Deal Close Date is Viewable for Reports

    The field Deal Close Date is viewable in Reports and Related List for the Deal object.

    Parts Invoice - Parts Line Not Deleting

    Fixed a bug which prevented parts lines from being deleted, caused by duplicate parts lines. Now the part can only be added once and can be deleted as necessary.

    Deal Screen - Delivery Information

    Previously in the Delivery Tab, Delivery Street and Delivery Mobile fields did not populate. Clicking Copy From Buyer button now populates buyer's street and mobile information.

    Deal Screen Tax and Trade Ins

    Some bug fixes on the deal screen include:

    • Standard Tax in Deal Recap section matches Sales Tax on Form pdf
    • Trade in allowance gets accounted for on the from pdf
    • Trade in allowance is visible in Deal Recap section

    "Committing" a Parts Transfer

    Previously Committing a Parts Transfer resulted in mass record changes to the Parts Ledgers. Now when performing a Parts Transfer, and completing the "Commit" will not create multiple Parts Ledger Items.

    Deal Page - Close Deal and Store in Financials Button Is Performed Only Once

    TheClose Deal and Store in Financialsbutton only has the availability to close once. Once the Deal is closed the button will be unavailable and the label will read Deal has been closed.

    Click here to learn How to Close a Deal.

    Ability to Delete a Trade in from the Deal

    We have updated the Deal object to allow you to Delete Trade in Vehicles that were created on the Deal or in the Sales up from the Deal. There was a bug that would allow you to remove it from the Dealview Page, but the value would not be removed from the Deal. This has been updated so the Deletion works as it should.

    Updating a Vehicle Inventory record without a Service Vehicle existing does not attach to Vehicle Inventory.

    Edit/updating of the Vehicle Inventory record creates the service vehicle and attaches it to the Vehicle Inventory Record.

    Deals - Primary Deal Settings

    When there are multiple deals on a Sales Up changing the vehicles does not set the Deal as the Primary Deal. To make a Deal the Primary Deal you must click the Set as Primary button.

    Sales Teams in Deal Screen

    Changing the Salesperson or Sales Team members on a Deal are being set. After selecting members or interchanging them, the teams will stay accordingly.

    Parts Invoice Internal Error

    We have corrected the issue that was causing the internal server error when you attempted to view or edit an Invoice.

    Editing Accounts with complex set of records

    Previously, certain accounts would throw an error after trying to save edits made to the account. Accounts with complex record sets can now be edited and saved successfully.

    Save Rental Agreements

    Ability to create new Rental Agreements is working properly.

    Duplicate Desired Vehicles Eliminated

    We updated the logic behind the creation of the Desired vehicle to no longer create multiple Desired vehicles on Sales up Creation.

    Deal Screen on Internet Explorer 11

    The Deal screen now renders properly when using Internet Explorer (IE) 11.

    Multi Stage Approval Processes Fixed

    If you use a multi stage approval process for handling your deals it will now filter to the correct approval process. We have also updated the Error Message to output on the Dealview page for the Deal.

    Store Location Assigned

    The Store Location was not assigned when creating a Deal. Now, when entering the DealerTeam system, the defaulted store location will be assigned to the newly created Deal.

    Saving Service Repair Orders

    Saving a Service Repair Order now displays an error related to the field set on the Service Repair Order screen.

    Sales Up - Bulk Updates

    After a bulk update to Sales Ups the Lead Name trigger strings together multiple items from the batch into all Lead Names resulting in incorrect Sales Up records. Bulk updates no longer strings multiple items from a batch into Lead Names.

    Maintenance Contracts are functional again

    There was a condition where Maintenance Contracts could be added to a Deal but would disappear once the Deal was refreshed.

    Header Values on Repair Order Print updated

    In the SRO for Customer Copy, Warranty Copy, and Audit Copy the Header Values were drawing from the my location of the running user. We have updated that to look at the Company Location of the Service Repair Order to Populate the Header Value.

    Subletting Purchase Orders from Service Repair Orders

    When creating a Sublet Purchase Order from a Service Repair Order line javascript error no longer occurs.

    Utility Bar - Change Store Location

    Searching and selecting a different Store Location or Dealership is functioning properly.

    Click here to learn How to Change Store Location.

    Price Invoice Pricing Updates

    Previously, when attempting the Updating Pricingaction on a line item in a Parts Invoice the update would not save. The update now saves successfully.

    Selecting Account on Deal screen Cashiering

    When selecting an Account while Cashiering on the Deal screen now any Account the user has permission to view is selectable instead of just the Buyer.

    Parts Invoice Number Updates

    Beginning with version 4.9 the system generated Invoice_Number__c for Parts Invoices will be prefixed with PI if the Invoice is an over the counter sale and RO if the invoice is related to a Service Repair Order. This change allows a wider range of invoice numbers and makes it easier for end users to understand by looking at the invoice number if these parts are being sold in relation to a Service Repair.

    Service Scheduler Decode Button Visible in Lightning Experience

    Decode button is visible and working in Service Scheduler page for the Lightning Experience.