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Summer '18 - 4.x

Main overview

Converted all the Spring '18 - 4.x Release Notes to Summer '18 - 4.x. (All Releases that did not publish in Mindtouch after Dec.1)

Change Log

New and Updated Features

New Field - Condition on Appraisals

A new property of appraisals has been created. The field is of type picklist. The picklist is user editable but comes with the following default values.

  • Outstanding: Exceptional mechanical, exterior and interior condition; requires no reconditioning. Vehicle is in exceptional mechanical, exterior and interior condition with no visible wear; it requires no reconditioning. Paint will have a glossy appearance. Vehicle has no mechanical and/or cosmetic problems and has a clean engine compartment. Exterior and interior are free of any damage. Tires are in nearly new condition. Vehicle has a clean title and has the ability to pass an emissions inspection.
  • Clean: Some normal wear but no major mechanical or cosmetic problems; may require limited reconditioning. Vehicle shows some normal wear but has no major mechanical and/or cosmetic problems. Paint still has a glossy finish and may have slight scratches or dings. Some reconditioning may be needed. Interior will have minimal fading and wear. Tires have substantial tread remaining. Vehicle has a clean title and has the ability to pass an emissions inspection.
  • Average: May have a few mechanical and/or cosmetic problems and may require a considerable amount of reconditioning. Vehicle may have a few mechanical and/or cosmetic problems and may require a considerable amount of reconditioning. Exterior paint has some dullness. Vehicle may have a considerable amount of scratches or dings. Interior material is slightly worn and faded. Tires have some usable tread remaining. Vehicle has a clean title and has the ability to pass an emissions inspection.
  • Rough: Several mechanical and/or cosmetic problems requiring significant repairs. Vehicle has several mechanical and/or cosmetic problems. Exterior and interior need significant repairs. Tires may need to be replaced. Vehicle may need minor repairs to pass an emissions inspection, but has a clean title.
  • Damaged: Major mechanical and/or body damage that may render it in non-safe running condition. Vehicle has major mechanical and/or body damage that may render it in non-safe running condition. Exterior and interior is damaged or worn. Tires need to be replaced. Vehicle may have a branded title (i.e. salvaged, flooded, frame damaged, etc.). Vehicle may require significant repairs to pass an emissions inspection.

    Change Store Locations Available for Lightning

    Changing store locations is available for lightning. Edit your homepage and under drag and drop MyDealershipUtility module into your layout.
    Change store location for lightning
    Click here to see how to Change Store Location for Lightning.

    Region Object is Added to Support Location Groups

    Regions are logical groups of business units. Each Location is optionally parented by a Region. This level of hierarchy supports reporting enhancements as well as standard and custom business logic.

    Region Object Added
    Click here to learn How to Select a Region for??a Store Location.

    Scheduler - Scheduling Service Appointments

    Scheduling a service appointment without adding a customer will display an error.??

    Adding Division on a User's Profile Automatically Updates Their Dealership Location and Location ID

    Anytime the Division is changed on the User record the Location Id with the ID of the location and the Dealership Location with the Name of the Location are updated.

    Click here to learn how to Add the Division on a User's Profile.

    Set Default Disclaimer Text To Print On Service Repair Orders

    Set default disclaimer text that will show up on your printed documents in the Service and the Parts Departments. These can be up to 5000 Characters by default.

    Click here to learn how to add texts to Disclaimers.

    Deal Screen Enhancements - Visibility of Cost

    There is a toggle button to the bottom right of the Deal Screen to allow a user to not display Deal Cost figures. An Eye icon (orange) displays the cost and clicking the button will change to a Lock icon (yellow) and hide the cost figures. Toggle between the button to display or hide the cost figures.

    Print Multiple Forms With a Single Click

    We're taking the pain out of printing forms on Deals. Now you can select any of number of forms then merge them all into a single PDF for printing and archiving.

    Invoice Logo Now Driven From Location

    To offer a greater degree of versatility when printing invoices, a new property has been added to the Dealer Location Object.

    dealer__Dealer_Location__c.Logo_Name__c - Type : Text(255)

    This value is paired with a static resource and rendered on all packaged forms.

    If this value is empty, the default static resource will be used, InvoiceLogo.

    Customers may override this value to the name of any image type static resource.

    A toggle switch that changes the discount amount to discount percentage has been added on the deal screen.

    A new toggle switch has been added to the Deal screen located inside the Deal Recap header. When activating the switch it changes the conversion discount fields from currency amounts to percentages.

    Toggle switch on deal screen

    New Feature When Creating New Sales Up - List of Suggested Sales Ups, Contacts, and Business Accounts Appear

    When entering contact information in fields, partial matches or duplicates of suggested Sales Ups, suggested Contacts, and suggested Business Accounts appear. If a duplicate exists select one of the following Sales Ups, Contacts, or Accounts. If one does not exist continue to create a new Sales Up.

    Click here to learn How to Create a New Sales Up for Lightning.

    Warranty Account Lookup added to Service Repair Order Header

    What is changed

    A new field has been introduced into the Service Repair Order header. The new field is Warranty Account.

    Warranty Account

    The warranty account lookup field added to the repair order header is intended to be used for warranty processing when posting warranty repair orders.

    Parts Invoices support Company Contracting Name out of the box

    Parts Invoice, Pre-Invoice and Pick Tickets
    These printable PDF documents now support enhanced location information.?? Previously these items used the Location Name as well as the now deprecated Location.Address__c field for the Company Name as well as the Street.?? With the Summer '18 release these items are now leveraging the "Contracting Name" for the Company Name title.?? If the Contracting Name field is not populated the printable documents will use the Location Name to represent the Company Name.????

    In addition the flexible company name we have removed the Address field that is slated for removal from the form.?? The Street field replaces the Address field and will better serve our clients going forward.

    Creating a Delivery Repair Order updates the Deal screen in real time

    When creating a delivery repair order from the delivery tab of the deal users would have to refresh the deal screen to see the repair order number and link.?? To provide a better user experience this process has been updated to display the RO# and Link without requiring a page refresh.????

    New Platform Event for Financial Integrations

    As part of the Summer '18 4.x release a new Platform Event has been introduced.????

    DealerTeam "Apps" have been upgraded to Lightning

    As part of our transition to Lightning the classic apps for DealerTeam Sales, DealerTeam Service, DealerTeam Parts, DealerTeam Rentals have been upgraded to Lighting Compatible Applications.?? ??Upgrading a Classic app to a Lightning app lets you and your users take advantage of custom branding and the enhanced navigation features available in Lightning Experience.

    Feature changes

    When working in the Lightning Experience your users will now have a "My Dealership" selector in the Utility Bar of the application.?? Previously this was located on the sidebar in classic.

    Price Matrix Metadata Type

    To support price matrices within our application a new metadata type has been added. The Price Matrix metadata type will be the root storage of the customer configurable matrix for parts sales.


    The initial release of price matrix mdt will allow customers to specify a percentage markup for parts by cost range.


    FD:FL1A - Oil Filter

    Cost 5.95

    Matrix Low : 3.99
    Matrix High: 6.99
    Matrix Percent: 85%
    Matrix Applciation : Location and Payment Method of Internal

    Price : = (5.95 * .85) + 5.95 = 11.00 || 5.95 * 1.85 = 11.00

    Behavior Changes

    Purchase Orders Created From Repair Orders

    Previously, when creating a Purchase Order from a Repair Order you had to select the job line # when adding a new line. Now, the process is simplified. After clicking on the Sublet Purchase Order or Parts Purchase Order button from the Service Job Line, the job will pre-populate in the purchase order line by default.

    Desired Vehicle Trigger Moved To Handler Class

    To better support separation of concerns within the domain layer logic, the trigger for Desired_Vehicles__c has been updated.?? The updates migrate the current trigger logic to an appropriate trigger handler class.


    Currently there is no active logic within the Desired Vehicle Domain Layer Logic. Previous versions of DealerTeam Core provided a mechanism for matching inventory based on customer stated desired vehicles.?? This logic has been temporarily suspended to create better matching algorithms and reduce SOQL overhead.

    Friendly Error Messages On Deals

    What's does all that developer info at the beginning of the error message mean? It doesn't matter to you and now it's not included anymore. Look for friendlier error messages on Deals without the gibberish.

    This error...
    Update failed. First exception on row 0 with id a13L0000003vhbuIAA; first error: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, The validation test rule is blocking your save: []

    Becomes this error...
    Custom Validation Exception: The validation test rule is blocking your save

    Mobility Invoice and Quote Forms - Retail price if marked up would show the retail price and the sale price being more

    If the Sale Price is higher than the Retail Sale Price on the Vehicle Inventory Record (Chassis or Conversion) the DealerTeam system will not display the Retail Price from the inventory record only the Sale Price.

    InstallScriptAPI extended to global scope

    What has changed?

    To better serve customers using scratch orgs and other custom development processes we have extended our InstallScriptAPI to be globally accessible.

    Usage Example

    From the developer console you can now run one or all methods from the InstallScriptOrgAPI class.


    Bug Fixes

    Forms - Company Contract Name

    Previously, the Company Contract Name on the Location object did not print on forms. Now the Company Contract Name/Store Name appears on printed forms.

    Changing The Subject Line in The Email Purchase Order is Responding

    In the Purchase Order Email, the subject line would revert to the default subject after being edited. The subject line now responds to the edits.

    **New Feature Enhancement**

    The subject now includes the purchase order # in it by default.

    Service Scheduler Standard Operation Code Lookup

    The lookup relationship for the Standard Operation Code for Scheduler Appointments was lost, the lookup has been reset and works as should.

    Vin Decode Button On The Vehicle Inventory Record Creates An Error.

    Vin decode button on the vehicle inventory record creates an error. This error has been corrected.??

    Deal Close Date is Viewable for Reports

    The field Deal Close Date is viewable in Reports and Related List for the Deal object.

    Deal Screen - Delivery Information

    Previously in the Delivery Tab, Delivery Street and Delivery Mobile fields did not populate. Clicking Copy From Buyer button now populates buyer's street and mobile information.

    "Committing" a Parts Transfer

    Previously Committing a Parts Transfer resulted in mass record changes to the Parts Ledgers. Now when performing a Parts Transfer, and completing the "Commit" will not??create multiple Parts Ledger Items.

    Deal Page - Close Deal and Store in Financials Button Is Performed Only Once

    The Close Deal and Store in Financials button only has the availability to close once. Once the Deal is closed the button will be unavailable and the label will read Deal has been closed.

    Click here to learn how to Close a Deal.

    Updating a Vehicle Inventory record without a Service Vehicle existing does not attach to Vehicle Inventory.

    Edit/updating of the Vehicle Inventory record??creates the service vehicle and attaches it to the Vehicle Inventory Record.

    Deals - Primary Deal Settings

    When there are multiple deals on a Sales Up changing the vehicles does not set the Deal as the Primary Deal. To make a Deal the Primary Deal you must click the Set as Primary button.

    Sales Teams in Deal Screen

    Changing the Salesperson or Sales Team members on a Deal are being set. After selecting members or interchanging them, the teams will stay accordingly.

    Save Rental Agreements

    Ability to create new Rental Agreements is working properly.