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Summer 2017 - 2.x

Release Notes for Summer 2017 - 2.x

Main overview


Change Log

New and Updated Features


Vehicle Images and Media are instantly available on a Global Content Delivery Network

New to this release is automated staging of Vehicle Media files to the popular Content Delivery Network, CloudFront. As part of the automotive platform when you save images on inventory records each of these resources generates a publicly accessible edge resource.

To enable this feature you must ensure that any persons uploading images have at least read and edit access to the following new fields on the Inventory Media Object.

User-added image


VIN update on vehicle inventory record

NOTE: best practices recommend that VIN Numbers not be changed on Inventory Records. The Vehicle Inventory record has a validation rule that disallows this.

If this rule is de-activated to support your business process the VIN can be altered. As a result of this update, the VIN on the underlying service vehicle will also get updated to match the Inventory Vehicle. Previously a new service vehicle would be created and paired with the changed Vehicle Inventory Record.


Record book time on service repair order

Book time can now be saved directly on the Technician Lines within the Service Repair Order front screen. In previous releases this was only directly editable on the Technician Time Entry Screen. Allowing the book time to be edited on the Technician Job Time sub-section of the Labor Line increases efficiency and allows for better visibility into billable hours.


LIFO & FIFO of parts physical inventory

As part of the ongoing enhancement of the parts physical inventory process a new field was added to provide the accounting departments valuation of the increase or decrease of the part during a physical inventory audit. In the event there was an increase initially, but before completion the part was reset to have no variance the calculated FIFO/LIFO value will not get reset.


DealerTrack Credit Application Network

A newly authored class to support interaction with DealerTrack's Credit Application Network was introduced in this release. This allows users who subscribe to the DealerTrack Credit Application Network to push credit applications from the DealerTeam system directly into DealerTrack.


Printing tech cards

A new printable document is available from the Service Repair Order. The document is labelled Tech Copy. This feature can be enabled by adding the "Tech Copy" button to your default Service Repair Order Page Layout. More information can be found in the success articlePrint Technician Copy.

The Tech Copy provides detailed information regarding the vehicle and repair lines. This copy is usually used in the manual dispatching of work.


Notes / Reference field added on mobility invoice form and third party payor forms

The single field labeled Customer Notes / Reference field at the bottom of the Funding Sources section of the Deal Screen Purchase tab is now displayed at the bottom of the Client Info on the Mobility Invoice form and third party payor forms.



Mobility Invoice Enhancements

Visual enhancements of the Mobility Invoice page. Removed labels next to the buyer/client info in the Billing Info and Client Info. Added a vertical black line in the pricing table to clearly separate dollar values.


Updated Activity Dates on Sales Up

Next Activity Date, Next Task Date, Next Event Date, Last Task Date and Last Event Date have been added to the Sales Up to give better visibility to tasks, events and activities that are incomplete and complete.

Next Activity Date: The date of the next future Task or Event related to the Sales Up

Next Task Date: The date of the next future Task related to the Sales Up

Next Event Date: The date of the next future Event related to the Sales Up

Last Task Date: The dealer__Date_Completed__c of the latest closed Task related to the Sales Up

Last Event Date: The Due Date of the latest Event, in the past, related to the Sales Up


Automatically adjust QTY Order

When updating the QTY Requested field on a Service Repair Order Job Line the QTY Order field will automatically update to fulfill the entire request assuming any available inventory, for the store where the RO is written only, will get used first then ordering the balance.




Behavior Changes


Inventory Match Notifications

Inventory Match now respects the disposition and only fires matches on Inventory Vehicles that match Sales Ups that are of disposition "Open." Previously the Inventory Match would trigger if the Is_Open field on the Sales Up was true. This value was derived from a set of specified Lead Status values on the Sales Up. As users customized these status values to match their business operations this "Is_Open" value was rendered obsolete. To provide contextual awareness of sales or deals being either open, accepted, won or lost the disposition field controls this based on users configuration.


Service repair orders and purchase orders

Parts being sold on repair orders are now added to an Order Record if the Order QTY is specified at the time of sale.

Previous functionality

  • An order record was created for each Repair Order.
New Functionality
  • A single order record is created to collect all special order parts for the day by location.
Improved efficiency when preparing your special order purchases throughout or at the end of the day. All parts sold without stock are easily managed from a single location.

Bug Fixes


Audit copy of service repair order

Under certain configurations users could encounter a bug when attempting to print the Service Audit Copy. This error was corrected and respects profiles based field level security.


Subscript Invalid error when PDFs from service repair order

When printing a service repair order users may encounter an error, Subscript Invalid. This error was encountered when a user attempted to print a repair order copy and the repair order had an inventory vehicle but no service vehicle associated. The process has been updated so now a Service Vehicle is not necessary.


Service history on tech time page

When accessing the technician time entry page and the service repair order had no vehicle populated a random set of service vehicle history was returned. This has been corrected to follow the service vehicle associated with the repair order. If no service vehicle is present the history block is not displayed.


Parts Total on Job Line incorrect

The total price of parts was incorrectly being saved to the job line in some cases. This was the result of a bug in the re-write of the partssalesline trigger and has been corrected.


Disposition must be included on Custom Record Types for SalesUp and Deals

A new required field for SalesUp and Deals can cause errors if not granted access on custom record types. The error "Invalid field value for field Disposition" can be encountered if custom record types on the Sales Up object do not have the global picklist authorized. This administrative task can be performed by accessing the custom record type for SalesUps's and Deals and setting the values specified in the SalesDisposition global picklist to available.


Errors on Rental Agreement time out and time due in

On a Rental Agreement time out and time due in fields were causing errors in some cases. This has been corrected.


Incorrect cost when receiving partial purchase orders

When receiving a Parts Purchase Order of QTY less than sold on the line the Cost was understated. Bug is fixed so Line Cost equals the sum of parts sold on the line with the PO amount.


Ability to filter service contracts on mobility deal screen

In the Mobility Deal Screen the Service Contract tab is enhanced to filter through different types and only display those types selected.


Purchase order lines associating to part invoice line

In the purchase order line, there is a lookup to the parts invoice line that the part was sold on (only applicable if the purchase order line is relative to a service job). When creating a parts purchase order line, from the PO Tab of a service job line, the system will auto associate the parts invoice line with the newly created PO Line.


Service Scheduler UI updates

The customer name at the top of the search results will be placed in the input. If this customer has a service vehicle associated with their account the Vehicle ID will be bound to the appointment.


Scheduling appointments

In certain circumstances the Service Scheduler would not display the newly created appointment upon save. As a temporary work around refreshing the page would bring the events onto the calendar. This issue was due to asynchronous processing of the event and the read events from the database. To correct the issue the calendar re-render processing is executed as a callback on the save event.