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Register for the DealerTeam Academy and improve your skills. Start with courses focused on department specific learn tracks. Keep track of your progress and earn badges for what you've completed.

Academy Introduction

Welcome to the DealerTeam Academy! The Academy is designed to help you learn the basic functions inside DealerTeam. The main goal is to educate users about features in the new software and learn how to perform daily tasks. Use this Academy as a tool to get the most out of using a web-based technology while your organization transition onto a true automotive platform. 


Academy Page Overview

Click Academy to display your user profile. Your profile shows the status of registered assignments. Such as how many have been completed and how many are still in progress.


Located next to your profile on the right are 4 different Learning Tracs:


  • Service Sales


  • Vehicle Sales


  • Parts Sales


  • Administration


What is a Learning Trac?

A Learning Trac is a general topic made up of one or more Learning Plans. Each Learning Plan will contain specific Learning Activities. Each Learning Activity is a collection of structured articles, typically followed with a quiz.


What Learning Trac do I select?

Select a Learning Trac based on the department that best fits your role in the organization. After choosing a Trac you will be required to self-register. Each user will earn a badge for completing a Learning Trac.