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Academy Introduction

Welcome to DealerTeam Academy! Use the Academy as a tool to help you learn basic functions necessary to perform your daily work. Our goal is to help organizations transition smoothly and help your team get the most out of using our software.


Academy Page Overview

Once you click Academy, the tab will display your picture and user profile on the left. Your profile shows the status of registered Learning Plans. You will see how many are Not Started, In Progress and Completed.


Located next to your profile on the right are 4 different Learning Tracs:


Academy Introduction.png


What is a Learning  Trac?

A Learning Trac is a general topic made up of one or more subtopics called Learning Plans. Each Learning Plan will contain specific Learning Activities that are a collection of structured content in the form of how-to articles and topics. To challenge each user, Learning Activities are followed with a short quiz.


What Learning Trac do I select?

Select any Trac based on your department or role in the organization. After clicking into a Learning Trac you can sign up by clicking Register. For example, a sales consultant would select the Sales Trac and follow the guided activities, while a service technician would select the Service Trac. A general manager or department manager might consider completing all Learning Tracs.


Note: Keep in mind these tracks are not exclusive. A Service Advisor may need to learn how to interact with the parts department and the Sales Team.


How to Complete a Learning Trac?

After you register for a Learning Trac, you are automatically registered for all the included Learning Plans. Click on a Learning Plan to get started. The Plan starts at the About tab where you can read brief instructions and track your progress. Click the Learning Activities tab to see the Plan’s activities. If an Activities show up complete in a new Learning Plan, you’ve already complete it in an earlier Plan. Click Launch next to the first listed activity to begin. Learning Activities are ordered in sequence. To continue to the next activity you must complete the previous activity.  


When you complete all Learning Activities you will take a quiz to test your accumulated knowledge. You will need at least 80% to pass the quiz. If you fail, simply review the quiz summary and retake the quiz. After completing the quiz you will be rewarded a badge to signify you have completed the Learning Plan. Complete all Learning Plans with in a Learning Trac and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Note: If you get hung up on a quiz you can review the previous activities to find the answers. Don’t stress, you can always come back to it later. If there is a specific subject you still find confusing, try using the Answers Tab to look through related content for a broader understanding.  



Learning a new system while you are trying to do your job can be stressful. The DealerTeam Success Community helps relieve the stress by providing the Academy. To get started, go to