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Case Introduction

What is a Case?

We know from experience that self-help can’t always provide the solution, so users can create and manage cases from the community.  A case is a logged description of your problem/question that will be resolved by a support agent.

Learn more about Case fields.

Why Create a Case in DealerTeam Success Community?

When you interact with our Cases support system it provides a 360-degree view for everyone involved. Support agents are able to manage new cases, add comments, update progress and collaborate with you to enrich the conversation and help find a quicker resolution. Participation in your case can reduce two-way communication and improve ticket resolution times.

When to Create a Case?

The DealerTeam Success Community provides interactive support and continuous access to self-help content. Turn to the Academy for guided user training and educational courses. Search for Answers using keywords, read trending topics, and scroll through related articles available content. Create a case when you can’t find the answer searching self-help content in related topics. We recommend users complete all assigned Learn Tracs through the Academy before they create a new case. When you find a technical bug or run into error messages, it is best to create a case.

How to Create a Case with Detailed Description?

From the Dealerteam Success Community start by clicking Create a New Case. Select a Priority Status, include a Subject and write a detailed description. When reporting error messages it’s best practice to attach screenshots to your case. When reporting bugs, try to provide a support agent with the steps required to replicate the error. A detailed case description can help agents respond proactively. Email to create a case outside of the community.

Click the link below to learn how to create and manage a case.