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Sales Appointment Confirmation Lightning Component


Confirm or reschedule Sales Appointments in the community with the SalesAppointmentConfimation lightning component. Learn how to customize the fields displayed on the Sales Appointment Confirmation lightning component.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Customize the sales appointment confirmation lightning component
  • Confirm the sales appointment
  • Reschedule the sales appointment


Step One: Customize the Sales Appointment Confirmation Component

  1. From the Community Builder on the Sales Appointment record click the SalesAppointmentConfimation lightning component.
  2. Select the component settings in the pop up window.
  3. Click outside the component to exit.

Sales Appointment Confirmation- Customize Component.png


Component Settings

The component setting contains the following:

Field Description
Mobile Fields (a) Check to display Set By and Salesperson mobile
Location (b) Check to display location
Map (c) Check to display Map
Salesperson (d) Select If populated or Only if different from Set By
Display Set By (e) Select If populated or Only if different for Salesperson
Task Reschedule (f) Select who receives the task Set By or Salesperson


Sales Appointment Confirmation- Component Settings.png


Step Two: Confirm/Reschedule a Sales Appointment


  1. Click the Confirm button.

Sales Appointment Confirmation- Confirm.png



  1. Click the Need to reschedule? link.

Sales Appointment Confirmation- Reschedule.png


Note: After clicking the Need to reschedule? link a task will be created for whoever set the sales appointment or the salesperson assigned to the sales appointment.


 Sales Appointment Confirmation- Task.png