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How to Create a Knowledge Article


Learn how to create a Knowledge article. A knowledge article provides information to an organization internally to help your employees and externally to help your customers.  To share information it is best to create a Knowledge article.  Knowledge articles may also contain files so the whole organization may access and download them.


Create a Knowledge Article 

Click the App Launcher icon and enter Knowledge then select Knowledge.

Scroll to Knowledge, How to create a knowledge article.png


Click New



Select the record type then click Next

Record types may vary. General Article and FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) are available. Some may vary based on your organization. 

Select Knowledge record type, How to create a Knowledge article.png


Enter Information

Enter the Title of your article then click tab (spaces down to URL Name field) to create the same URL Name (URL name will contain hyphens). In the Article Details section, enter the content and take advantage of the toolbar to customize your content. 

Checkbox Visible to Customer and Checkbox Visible in Public Knowledge Base so the article may be seen in the Success Community. 

Next step is to Validate the article then click Save.



Publish Draft

Last step is to Publish the draft.



Once the draft is published the Publication Status will indicate Published including a Version Number. A new Version Number will be created for every draft that is published.




Edit Draft

To edit an article click the Edit as Draft button. To complete the changes made, Publish the new draft which will create a new Version Number.


Add Files 

Before uploading files to an article it must be a Draft. After adding files you may access the 

Click the Upload Files button to begin adding a file. 



Manage File / Add to a Folder

From the Files object, select a folder or create a folder then from that folder, click the Add Files button then find the file desired to be placed in the selected folder.