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Account Record Type Settings by Profile

Learn how to add Person Account as a selected record type and set the default record type for a profile to Person Accounts.

In Salesforce Enterprise Edition a Standard Account is the default record type. The standard account has a parent-to-child relationship where an account can have multiple contacts. This follows the traditional B2B account relationship.

Most customers interacting with a dealership follow a B2C relationship. DealerTeam uses Person Accounts as the default record type to manage customer relationships. When Person Accounts are enabled, the record type has to be selected for use by an administrator before it is visible to user profiles.       


Learn how to select Person Accounts as a record type and set the default record type for a profile to Person Accounts. 

First Step

Begin by clicking Setup ---> Manage Users ---> Profiles and click on the profile name Sales Consultant.   



Do Not click to Edit the profile. Instead, scroll down the profile page and find the section for Record Type Settings. Under the Standard Record Types click [ Edit ] next to Accounts.   

profile detailrecord type settings




Second Step

Then continue by highlighting Persons Account and use the add button to move it to Selected Record Types. Highlight Standard Account and use the remove button to move it back to available record types.   

  available record types

Third Step

Set the Default Record Type from Business Account to Person Account. This will make Person Account the default record type when a sales consultant creates a new account record.  

default record type

Click Save when done. Repeat these steps for all other profiles that need Person Accounts available for use.