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Add an Employee Number


Add an employee number to a user profile.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to users in setup
  • Edit employee number as a system admin
  • Navigate to employee settings
  • Edit the employee number as a standard user



Step One: Navigate to the Users in Setup

The System Admin edits Employee Numbers from the Users section in setup. 

  1. From Setup enter Users in the search field.
  2. Click Users.

1 Add an Employee Number- user navi.png


Step Two: Edit Employee Number as a System Admin

  1. Click Edit of the desired user.

2 Add an Employee Number- edit user.png


  1. Enter <Employee Number> in the Employee Number field.
  2. Click Save.

3 Add an Employee Number- employee num.png


Step Three: Navigate to User Settings

Users edit the Employee Numbers from User Settings.

  1. Click the Avatar dropdown in the top right corner.
  2. Click Settings.

4 Add an Employee Number- User settings.png


Step Four: Edit Employee Number as a User

  1. Select the Personal Information tab.
  2. Enter <Employee Number> in the Employee Number field.
  3. Click Save.

5 Add an Employee Number- User employee.png