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Add custom fields to a page using Field Sets


Field Sets allow a user to add custom fields to a managed page when the standard page layout is not available.

A field set is a grouping of fields. For example, a field set might describe a user's First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Business Title. When a field set is added to a Visualforce page, developers can loop over the fields and render them. 

As an administrator, you can Create or Edit field sets for your organization. Administrators can add, remove, or reorder the fields in a field set and modify a Visualforce page without changing any code for a custom display of desired fields in an otherwise managed page. 

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to Field Sets
  • Learn the Standard Field Sets
  • Learn how to Add custom fields to a Field Set.

Step One: Navigate to the Object

Start by clicking Setup

Type Objects in the quick find box

In the side bar, click on Objects

Scroll down the list of objects and click on Sales Up

Step Two: Edit a Standard Field Set

To avoid scrolling, hover over the Field Set related list located at the top of the page. Keep the cursor inside the box.

Click EDIT next to the Finance Field Set:
     Inside the editor, drag and drop the fields you wish to add. For our example we will add Current Monthly Payment and Manager Notes

When done, click Save

To continue in our example, hover over the Field Set related list and click EDIT next to Trade Field Set.

From the editor, we will add Blue Book Retail and Trade Appraised Value to the field set.

Click Save

To see your changes, open or refresh the Create New Sales Up page and scroll to the Finance and Trade-in section.

Standard Field Sets

The following Field Sets are available for the Sales Up object out of the box:

  • Address
  • CustomAadvancedFieldSet
  • DesiredVehicle
  • FinancialFieldSet
  • NewRecordFieldSet
  • ProspectFieldSet
  • TradeFieldSet

Each of these Field Sets have different fields from the Sales Up object available to populate. Each of these different Field Sets also renders on the Sales Up page in its own location.

Watch a Video

In this video, learn How-To add custom fields to the Finance and Trade section on the managed page "Create New Sales Up."