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Adding Custom Fields to the New Sales Up Screen


Customize the new Sales up screen by adding custom fields with the NewRecordFieldSet. With the NewRecordFieldSet you can sort default fields,  add new fields, remove default fields and make fields required.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to NewRecordFieldSet
  • Add custom fields to the new sales up screen
  • Verify the added fields


Step One: Navigate to NewRecordFieldSet

  1. Click the Setup Gear icon.
  2. Select Setup.

1 add custom fields- set up.png


  1. Click Object Manager.
  2. Enter Sales Up in the quick find area.

2 add custom fields- obj manager sup.png


  1. Select Field Sets.
  2. Click NewRecordFieldSet.

3 add custom fields- field set.png


Step Two: Add Custom Fields to the New Sales Up Screen

  1. Hold the pointer over the desired field.

4 add custom fields- click.png


  1. Drag to the In the Field Set area.

5 add custom fields- drag.png


  1. Release the pointer.

6 add custom fields- release.png


  1. Once the desired fields are selected click Save.

7 add custom fields- save.png



  • The fields will appear in the same order as they are placed In the Field Set after the required Account field.
  • The Account field appears at the top and can NOT be removed.
  • The other default fields, that are removable, include Lead Type, Lead Status, Source, Comments, Stock#


Make a Field Required

  1. Hover over the desired field and click the wrench icon.

10 add custom fields- wrench.png


  1. Check Required.
  2. Click Okay.

11 add custom fields- required.png


Step Three: Verify the Added Fields

  1. From the DealerTeam home screen click the Sales Up dropdown.
  2. Click + New Sales Up.

8 add custom fields- new sup.png


The newly added field will be on the New Sales Up screen. The field is required indicated by the red asterisks (*).

9 add custom fields- new fields.png