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Big Object Storage of VIN Decode


Due to the large amount of data provided when decoding vehicles (VIN Decoding) we are moving the storage of this data into a Big Object. Currently VIN Data is stored in two objects, one for vehicle inventory and one for service vehicles. These two objects are being deprecated in favor of a single storage object. Each time a VIN is decoded the object will be updated with the latest VIN Data regardless of the decode resulting from a Vehicle Inventory record or a Service Vehicle record.



Big objects let you store and manage massive amounts of data on the Salesforce platform. To learn more about Big Objects click here.


Activate the Big Object Storage on VIN Decode

To take advantage of this migration Administrators must log a case with Dealerteam Support at requesting to activate the change. 



Once active, data will now be stored to the Big Object instead of the dealer__Service_Vehicle__c and dealer__Vehicle_Inventory__c.



If you have any custom Visualforce Pages pulling data from the dealer__Service_Vehicle__c or dealer__Vehicle_Inventory__c object you will now have to pull the data from the dealer__DecodeData__b.