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Create a Stock Number


In this article, you will be able to create the method of assigning the next stock number to your vehicle inventory record. We have a few methods of creating the next available stock number. 

  • Assign by last of Vin number.
  • Assign by a numerical sequence with a starting stock number. 
  • Assign by using Stock Number Book.

After reading the article you will be able to select a method and set up your stock numbering for your organization.


To get to the setting to create your style of stock numbering, All Tabs>DMS Defaults>Sales Department Settings, this is where you can select the method of your custom stock numbering. 

Assign Stock Number by last of Vin Number

  1. Select, Stock Number Automatically
  2. Select, Stock# Length if last of Vin and input how many of the last of the vin you would like your stock number to be. (recommend at least 8) using 6 could result in duplicates. 

DMS Settings


Assign by a numerical sequence with a starting stock number.

  1. Select Assign Stock Number Automatically. 
  2. Select, Assign Stock Number by Sequence.
  3. Select, Current Stock Number Sequence and add a number that you would like to start with. assign stock number


Assign by using Stock Number Book.

With this feature, you can create a custom alphanumerical stock book. 

Sock book settings

Creating a Stock Number Book

Go to All Tabs> Stock Number Book>New. 

  1. Add the stock number to be used.
  2. select the location of the store to use this stock number.
  3. Select the sequence of when you want it used.
  4. Select the Active checkbox.
  5. Click on Save & New to create next stock number. 
  6. Create stock book

(Recommended) Data load

To  Data load, you can create an excel file with the following information, Stock number, Location ID, Sequence, and a field for the Active checkbox to be checked. See your Systems Admin for details on Data loads. 

Stock book data load