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Create a Service Contract Template


Create Service Contracts to be used as templates and available to be sold on Deals.

After completing this article you will be able to

  •  Navigate to Service Contracts
  • Create a new Service Contract
  • Understand the requirements of a Service Contract

Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic.

Step One: Navigate to the Service Contracts

The tab bar displays Tabs based off by the selected DealerTeam App; Sales Department, Service Department or Parts Department. The tab Service Contracts does not display by default. Learn how to customize the tab bar

1. Click the All Tabs + icon

Step 1.1.png

2. Locate and Click on Service Contracts.

Step 1.2.png

Step Two: Create a new Service Contracts

1. Click the New button.

2. Select the Record Type from the drop-down menu

3. Click the Continue button.

Step 2.2 2.3.png

Fill in the fields as desired to build out the Service Contract.

1. Deductible: What is the deductible that will be quoted in this Service contract. 

2. Description: Describe the contract you will be quoting

3. Type: This is a picklist field choice will be Extended Service Contract, Gap, Maintenance Contract, or Roadside Protection.

4. Sale Price: Enter the sale price that will be quoted on this contract.

5. Cost: Enter the cost of this contract.

6. Expiration Months: Enter the term of months to be used on this contract.

7. Expiration Mileage: Enter the miles cap of this contract.


Click the Save button.


  • The required field Deductible is set to 0.00 by default.
  • Select the check box Contract Template to make the Service Contract available to add to Deals.
  • Once saved, Gross will be calculated and display directly under Cost.
  • Price , Cost, Months, and Mileage is editable at time of sale, pending Year Make and Miles of vehicle.

What's Next

Service Contracts marked as Contract Templates are available and display on the Deal Screen. Learn how to add a Service Contract to a Deal.