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How to Create a Simple Validation Rule

Learn how to create a simple validation rule inside of your DealerTeam instance.


After completing this how-to you will have the ability to create a simple validation rule.

Improve the quality of your data using validation rules. Validation rules verify that the data a user enters in a record meets the standards you specify before the user can save the record. A validation rule can contain a formula or expression that evaluates the data in one or more fields and returns a value of “True” or “False”. Validation rules also include an error message to display to the user when the rule returns a value of “True” due to an invalid value.


In this demonstration, we want to create a validation rule that if we sell an After Market product we want the rule set up that if the discount is greater than 20% create an Error that will let not let the user save the record, and also create an error to display to let the user know why.

Start by going to set up.

Setup button


In the Quick find field type Object Manager and click on the Object Manager.

Object Manager

After opening the Object Manager we need to find the object we will be creating the rule for. In this case search for After Market

search for object


Click on the After Market Object.

Find aftermarket object


When the Object is open, on the options on the left side of the page select Validation Rules.

Selecting Validation Rule

Click New

Click new button

Create a name for the Validation Rule and a description if desired.

Create a name for the Validation Rule


This is where we need to drill down to the field we need to create the rule for. By selecting the After Market in the first selection field it pulls up your options in the next, we know that the After Market Gross is in the deal so we need to select Deal to open the options that are in the deal, select Aftermarket Gross.

Selecting a field on a Validation Rule

By selecting Aftermarket Gross it will give you an option of inserting this field into the formula field to create your formula. 

inserting field into the formula field

Now that we have the field we will be creating our rule from we can create the formula, in this case, we want to use anything in the Aftermarket gross field if greater than a 20 % discount create the error.  After you make your formula the Check Syntax button will find any errors in your formula before moving forward. 

Create a formula on a Validation Rule

Now that we have created our rule the next step is to create the error message that you would like the user to see upon trying to save. After creating the error message click the Save button or Save & New to create another Validation Rule. 

Create the error message


This will be the error the user sees when he tries to save the record

Error message on this Validation Rule