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How to Reassign Orphaned Customers


The goal of this article is to learn how to:

  • Create a custom list view to display customers by owner
  • Use that list view to re-assign customers to a new owner   

First Step

To get started, select the Contacts/Customers tab.   

customers tab

To isolate the orphaned customers by owner, we need to first create a custom list view. Click Create New View.

create list view

Second Step

Step 1.

When the list view "contacts owned by Sousa" is created, the total number of records is displayed in the lower left corner. Depending on the record count, you may need to adjust the records displayed per page to 200. This is also the maximum number of records that can be reassigned at one time. 

displayed list view

Step 2. 

Select the box next to Action to highlight all records in the page. Individual records can be selected by choosing individual boxes in front of the row displaying the customer record. The total number of items selected in the list will be highlighted in yellow at the bottom. Click the Re-assign Owner button. 

Action: select all records


Third Step

Select one or multiple users at a time from the available users and click the add arrow. Their names will appear in Selected Users. Click Re-assign and all selected customers will be distributed round robin to multiple users or all to one user.  Repeat this process if more than 200 customers need to be re-assigned.

If there are duplicate customers, they should be merged before they are reassigned. Cancel this step and merge the duplicates, or un-select any duplicate record in the previous step by removing the individual check box next to the duplicate record.    

Re-assign to active user

Click the Re-Assign button to complete the process.