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Time Clock Manager

Managers and Admins can learn how to make edits to time clock entries.


Employees are notorious for committing time clock errors. Learn how to use Time Clock Manager to make edits to Time Clock entries.  

This feature requires user permissions based on the profile. It will not be available to all users.   

First Step

Begin by clicking the All Tabs + and find Time Clock Manager in the available Tabs. 

 Time Clock Manager Tab  Click to open. 

Second Step

Use the dropdown arrow to search for or scroll and select the desired User. Choose the date and click Search to display the time clock entries to be edited. 

Select User and Date to search time clock entries

In this example, the Admin forgot to clock out on October 3rd.

Time-Out missing in time clock entry for October 3 rd

Click Edit next to the line in question. Make the desired edits and click Save.

Note is a required field. All edits made to time entries need to have a manager's note.

make edits to the incorrect time entry and click save


After the Edit is saved, the results will be displayed in a new line. The manager's note will be included on the old line and the Edit button is lost. The new line will display the date and time along with the user who performed the edit. 

results displayed for time entry edit