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Create a new Site

Goal sites enables you to create public websites and applications that are directly integrated with your organization.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to Sites
  • Create a new domain and register a company site.
  • Confirm the new site


Prerequisite: Systems Administrator permission is required to complete this task.


Step One: Navigate to Sites

  1. Click the Setup Gear icon.
  2. Select Setup.

1 Create a New Site - setup.png


  1. Enter Sites in the quick find area.
  2. Select Sites.

2 Create a New Site - navi.png


Step Two: Create a New Domain

  1. Enter a domain name.


Attention! Once assigned, your domain cannot be changed. Choose a domain that represents your organization and makes it easy to share and remember.


  1. Check the box to agree to the Sites Terms of Use.
  2. Click the Register My Domain

3 Create a New Site - register.png



After registering a domain the settings section will appear. To enable settings check the box and click Save.

4 Create a New Site - settings.png


Setting Definition
Assign new records created by Salesforce Sites guest users to a default owner in the org If no default record owner is chosen, the default record owner is the Salesforce Site owner.
Allow using standard external profiles for self-registration and user creation. Using standard external profiles for self-registration, user creation, and updates to user records isn't a Salesforce security best practice. We highly recommend you use cloned external profiles. Review object permissions and field-level security for all standard external profiles before turning on this preference.


Step Three: Confirm the New Site

  1. From setup enter Domains in the quick find area.
  2. Select Domains.
  3. Confirm the new site URL.

5 Create a New Site - verify.png


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